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Documents [Or Lack Thereof] Suggest Michelle Obama Never Gave Birth To Malia & Sasha

from The Phaser:

Have you ever seen a picture of Michelle Obama pregnant? I haven’t! And that’s probably because she never was.

Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, have kept a tight lid on photos of their precious daughters being released by the press. Still, we have seen a startling lack of pictures from the early years of Malia and Sasha.

Now we have evidence that this may not be due to the fact that Michelle has ordered the press not to release them, but that they do not existMalia and Sasha show little to no resemblance to their “parents.

As FOTM points out, this could very well be because the two girls were adopted, possibly from Morocco. Just as we have seen with their Dad Barry, there isn’t much evidence of their background.

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23 comments to Documents [Or Lack Thereof] Suggest Michelle Obama Never Gave Birth To Malia & Sasha

  • Jonee

    There is nothing strange about this. Two men can not have biological children. The rest, as most everything else, is fake, made up, doctored, hidden. Deal with it.

  • Eric

    Pretty hard to pop out babies when you don’t have a vagina.

    5 oz. Viking Bars! Great price on these. I might have to get some.

  • Jerry

    The children are probably adopted. Nothing wrong with that. What is wrong with the ALT media these days. Almost like the silly tabloids.

    • Johnny Fever

      Really are u that clueless .. why don’t they just admit they are adopted, why doesn’t Barry release his transcripts and SSN number, why don’t they admit Michelle is really Michael why please answer

      • Jerry

        No Johnny Fever, I am not that clueless. There are plenty of times that a child is adopted and the parents choose not tell them that they are not their real child. Nothing strange about that. What I said only had to do with that. So why do you think I am clueless just because I did not bring up Obama’s SSN or say something about his wife?

        • Allender

          Jerry, hard to tell if you are a troll…or simply?

          You wrote, “So why do you think I am clueless just because I did not bring up Obama’s SSN or say something about his wife?”

          Man…the First Lady of the USA is a man. The name is Michael. So what’s this about:

          “…Obama’s SSN or say something about his wife?”

          Perhaps you can explain how a man can be a “wife”?

          Are you a wife?

    • windrunner56

      OMG!!! Where did you come from Jerry? That rock….get out of from under it. Lots has happened in the USSA since you hibernated.

      • Jerry

        What are you talking about? Are you saying that those children really are Obama’s? I said that they are probably adopted. That is all. Do you agree or disagree windrunner56?

        • johnny fever

          I agree they r adopted … but u also said the alt-media is like a tabloid callin them BS reporting … so yeah discrediting the Alt-media where they are way better than the MSM because they are the tabloid .. so yes the subtle, to lay the doubt

  • Ed Ritter

    This 24-minute video probably settles it for me: Michael “Michelle” is a man. No possibility of error!

    If the video is blocked or taken down, do an internet search on the key:

    irrefutable proof Michelle is a man

    You’ll find the video. Views stand right now at 1,425,739, but there must be many more millions, as the video has been taken down who knows how many times before. I first saw it over a year ago on another channel. I’ve shown the video to many others…

    The video is from 2014, at least. It’s done by forensic experts — so they say. Let’s see if any reader of this article can discredit their analysis.

  • Tom

    When I first saw Michelle, I said to my wife my first thought was to shout “go long!” and throw a pass. I even said that “I’d hate to run into her on the gridiron.” I’m an Oregonian. After a while it began to dawn on me. I’d seen that player before. Holy #$%@! It was Mike Robinson!

    So this “perfect child” family does not surprise me even though men, theoretically, can have children if an embryo is implanted, proper hormones are administered and a C-section is done. “Michelle” does not look to have the patience for this.

    I never could stand Joan Rivers. But, shortly before she conveniently died, she confirmed the essence of the story.

    More serious than this charade, however, is the continued failure of our system to deal with serious crime at high levels. In recent history, we can start with JFK’s killing and the Gulf of Tonkin, to 911 and beyond. If the devil is “the father of lies” he is solidly in control of America today.

  • Ed_B

    Moochelle is clearly NOT a man. She is a cow that has been trained to walk upright and speak a few words. 😉

  • Sayldog

    I think Malia looks JUST LIKE her father Barack. Sasha not so much. And would ya’all believe Michelle was a women if she bared her vagina and sat it on your face? Probably not. Not a fan of them at all, not a fan of royalty, not a fan of big government, not a fan of Lucifer, not a fan of blatant stupidity and willful ignorance, and in fact even posting a comment to this bullshit makes me feel dirty by association.

  • Daniel

    WOW. I have 2 children. Their resemblance to me is unmistakable. Their resemblance to each other is unmistakable. I look at these 2 chillens of Barry and his manwife, and not only do they not look like either of them, they don’t even look like each other.

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