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Doctors Admit on Video that They Know NOTHING about Vaccines

by Isabelle Z., Natural News:

Most people like to think that doctors are unquestionable experts in their fields, and that their years of education give them a broad and solid base of knowledge about all aspects of health and medicine. It turns out, however, that medical schools are failing them and the general public time and time again, by glossing over some very important issues, such as vaccines.

In a startling video posted on YouTube, several doctors admit that they really don’t know much about vaccines at all, and that this is not really part of the curriculum in medical school. Perhaps this might help explain why seemingly caring and intelligent doctors are so willing to push vaccines on children, yet it leaves a lot more questions unanswered. Perhaps the biggest question everyone should be asking is: Why aren’t medical schools teaching doctors the truth about vaccines?

The video is entitled “Are Doctors Experts On Vaccines?” and the answer is a resounding NO, as illustrated in the compilation of various clips showing different doctors admitting they know very little about vaccines.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries said: “You may not know this, but doctors are not taught about vaccines in medical school. We are not taught what’s in vaccines as far as the adjuvants. We are not taught how vaccines are manufactured as far as what kind of animals go into them. We are not taught the potential dangers of vaccination, and we are basically given a piece of paper that says when the vaccines are due and to give them.”

Several other doctors profiled in the video echo these sentiments, saying they had no idea that vaccines contained mercury, and were not taught such information in medical school. It would appear that many intelligent doctors are actually quite ignorant when it comes to basic health principles. Several examples of seemingly smart doctors being completely unaware of fundamental nutrition and health concepts were outlined in a recent podcast by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Like many of us, he asks how the entire medical industry has become focused on the profit model of prolonged sickness instead of health and self-healing.

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