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Children Living in Agricultural Areas are Developing Leukemia, Brain Tumors, and Other Childhood Cancers

by Julie Wilson, Natural News:

Health problems in children have risen significantly in recent years, and the cause is primarily environmental. That’s the bottom line of a new report released by the Pesticide Action Network entitled “Kids on the Frontline,” which details the harmful and potentially fatal health effects pesticides are having on America’s children.

Using government health trend data and recent academic research, PAN found that incidences of cancer, autism, developmental disabilities, ADHD, diabetes and obesity have risen significantly over the last three and a half decades.

Childhood cancers, particularly, are becoming much more common among children living in rural areas where pesticides are routinely applied. From the year 1975 to 2012, childhood cancers rose 36 percent in children aged zero to 19.

Mounting evidence links pesticides to neurodevelopmental harms

“Evidence linking pesticide exposure to increased risk of leukemia and brain tumors continues to mount, with new ‘meta-analysis’ studies pointing to higher risks among children in rural agricultural areas. Incidence of these two cancers is rising more quickly than other types of childhood cancer,” the report found.

Health problems related to prenatal pesticide exposure are also on the rise. Mounting evidence highlights the impact prenatal pesticide exposure has on neurological and nervous system development in children. The link was strong in 2012, reports PAN, but it’s grown even stronger.

“New studies link increased risk of developmental disorders and delays—including autism spectrum disorder—to prenatal proximity to agricultural fields where pesticides are sprayed.”

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