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Bix Weir — USA Must Unite or Die Under Trump/Sanders Ticket

from Greg Hunter:

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7 comments to Bix Weir — USA Must Unite or Die Under Trump/Sanders Ticket

  • Fraser

    What Catherine Austin-Fitts (and others) have suggested (and Bix is yet to pick-up on) is that there is likely to be a major cancellation of debt through a debt for equity swap. In which, companies issue shares to extinguish debt to banks and banks issue shares to extinguish debt to Central Banks. Leaving Central Banks owning the world. Furthermore, American companies, banks and The Fed all win (big time) if (1) the USD remains strong and (2) there is massive USD debt and (3) share prices collapse around the world (except in America). Because to repay their USD debt, foreigners have to dilute existing shareholders, transferring equity ownership to the USA. And if we look today at the USD strength and at the SP500 VS the Chinese (and other) markets, this sure looks like it is playing out this way. Rigged? Most definitely! But also very clever.

  • GoldTooth999

    Bix is absolutely right about gold and silver. However, his doom and gloom conclusion is more fictitious than a Bernie and Donald ticket. In 2012, he predicted a landslide victory for Ron Paul. Unfortunately, the opposite happened and America and the rest of the world are still recovering from the loss. Buy plenty of food and metals and pray for the best regarding Bix’s manic depression.

  • Bob

    This guy says the same thing every year. Go back and watch Hunter’s previous interviews with Weir. Same catch phrases– ‘we win if the debt is cancelled.’ Same time frame — everything falls apart this Sept/Oct.

    We look down on people who continue to believe the politicians or business leaders who tell us everything is fine. What about people who continue to shout everything will fall apart this Sept/Oct? And when it doesn’t happen he’s back the next year saying the exact same things, which aren’t believable in the first place. Of course the economy will crash at some point, but who really believes the bankers will let everyone out of their debts to them? I can believe they’ll take my assets, but I’ll never believe they’ll cancel my debts.

    Why does he have any credibility at all? Why does he get any air time?

  • Moishe

    Maybe one in a million don’t know Jewish banker money is debt, these boobs believe dollars are assets, it is slave/plantation script ala harriet Tubman, in the end they will cancel the debt aka dollars.

  • Silver Shield

    I am still waiting for the “good guys” to put Ron Paul in the presidency…

    Lol Zionist Greg Hunter and Fairy Tale Believer Bix dreaming of a make believe Zionist/Zionst Bernie/Trump ticket.

    Onward Christian soldiers…

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