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Banker, Bail Thyself

by Bankster Slayer, Rogue Money:

We wanted to bring this video featuring Jim Rickards and subsequent post by Yanis Varoufakis to your attention because this goes a long way in fleshing out the hazy outline of the globalist agenda that we see looming in the not-too-distant future. The bottom line here is that there is only one institution large enough to rescue the coming collapse of the world’s central banks and that institution is the International Monetary Fund, essentially the bank of the United Nations. Gold will be front and center whether this rescue plan gets implemented or not, as you will see further down in this interview. So all the gold bugs amongst us will at least have that in their favor.

Below is a review of the conversation between Jim Rickards and Max Keiser, published on May 03, 2016. And yes, while we agree that Rickards may be a “globalist shill” and that you would be well advised to keep him at arm’s length, it is precisely because of his globalist relationships that we ought to take notice of what he is saying. Further, the very next day after this video was published, Yanis Varoufakis posted an article that provides even more details to this plan. I’m not here to say whether the plan is evil or beneficial; I will leave that to the readers’ comments below this article to open up discussion on that score.

What is clear is that this plan by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is no secret, has been waiting in the wings for 70 years, and is suddenly being vocalized by some high-flying circles of influence. You will see in this interview that China is taking the lead in promoting this IMF agenda. I know that statement is going to ruffle the feathers of some readers here at Rogue Money. Time will tell if that statement is true. That time may come as early as July 2016, as Rickards points out here in the conversation. If you ponder these words alongside the blog that our own Ken Schortgen wrote about China’s commercial force in the world, you may see how all the puzzle pieces are coming together.

Near the 15-minute mark of the YouTube video shown below, Rickards introduces what Keiser goes on to call Rickards’ “signature prediction” that the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) are poised to become the world’s next reserve currency. That alone should prompt us to take notice because it means that Rickards does “hang his hat” on this prediction. So, if he’s wrong, he will pretty much lose all credibility and there go the book sales. Regardless of what anybody thinks of the man, I don’t think he’s that stupid. Below is my own paraphrased transcript of much of the dialog in the video.

Rickards opens up: “There’s 6,000 tonnes buried under the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. That gold belongs to Germany, Netherlands, Japan, the IMF … basically the countries from around the world. That’s the gold that’s at risk of confiscation.” 

Whoa, wait a minute. For the time being, set aside the debate about whether or not there is any gold at all under the sidewalk of NYC. Focus on what he just said about the IMF’s ownership of gold. Somehow, in all these years of hunting down globalist conspiracies, it escaped my notice that the IMF has its own actual gold reserve. And sure enough, as you can see on this page of their official web site, not only do they own gold but gold was used visibly to back their SDR currency for many years.

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    ANY appointed person, male or female , that considers the World and TPTB first , is evil…The system that has brought the whole world to heal is the BANKING system ALL banks that belong to what ever alphabet logo they have WB,IMF,FED EUB etc…..They as a group have enslaved IMHO they are not beneficial to humanity they are …EVIL….

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