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Are There Cancer-Causing Pesticides in Your Quaker Oatmeal? Lawsuit Says Yes

by Christina Sarich, Underground Reporter:

Is any big-brand food safe for consumption? How about some glyphosate in your breakfast cereal? It obviously isn’t something you want to wake up to first thing in the morning, but after declaring themselves, ‘100% Natural,’ Quaker Oats, a sub-brand of Pepsi-Co, a long-time supporter of genetically-modified ingredients, has been accused of being ‘misleading and deceptive’ due to the herbicide showing up in one of their best selling foods.

A group of consumers from multiple states has launched a class-action lawsuit, claiming Quaker Oats’ can’t have a carcinogenic weed killer — glyphosate was designated a probable human carcinogen by the World Health Organization last year — in their oatmeal and still call it ‘all natural.’

The complaint states that glyphosate made its way into Quaker Oats, allegedly, not simply because it is used as an agricultural weed killer, but because it is sprayed on the oats as a drying agent shortly before they are harvested. The company knowingly uses glyphosate-riddled oats in their Quaker Oats products.

The plaintiffs of the suit want Pepsi-Co to refund them, not because they used glyphosate, but because they claimed their product was ‘100% natural.’

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