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AGXIIK: $20 Silver This Week?

by AGXIIK, Silver Doctors:

I predict we’ll see $20 silver this week even with a cartel attack.  Miners are going to make believers of those who own them.

This rally is real.

An attack is unlikely to hit miner shares with much of an impact.

If you own precious metals or miners, I’ll be short and sweet,  with 2 words.


Like the Old Gurus say:

“Enlightenment is a wonderful thing, until you have to pay the bills; and do the laundry”

The problem with Old Gurus?

They don’t pay their own bills.  Like Bernie Sandanista, Doug Casey and Jeff Berwick.

They don’t do their own laundry. Thus the fog bank of stink arising from their nethers.

There’s nothing like higher prices in gold and silver to redeem the reputation of the Old Gurus.  Let’s hope this continues.

Heck, I might even shave, bathe and buy some clean clothes in celebration of precious metals rise.

Cheers and let’s enjoy the rally!

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1 comment to AGXIIK: $20 Silver This Week?

  • chuck

    Rally? I hope so. That would be nice. I’ve been stacking steadily since 2007, so I estimate anything over $22 should take me out of the red print. But I am not holding my breath here. When the breakout comes, I think we will certainly know it. This market is still owned by the manipulators.

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