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A Big [CRIMINAL] Bank Suggests WEALTH Taxation

by Jeff Nielson, Sprott Money:

There is a two-word phrase which is virtually never heard within the vacuous propaganda machine known as the mainstream media: “wealth taxation”. There are very obvious reasons for such conceptual censorship.

To begin with, the corporate media is merely one of the subsidiaries of the financial crime syndicate which readers know as “the One Bank” . The [Rothschild] One Bank exists for one purpose, to steal wealth. Any form of wealth-taxation would effectively claw back significant amounts of these ill-gotten gains; therefore, discussion of this concept is verboten.

This is why we have an “income taxation” system, the most inefficient, complex, and economically destructive form of taxation system which could be inflicted upon us. We have income taxation for one, and only one reason: it provides a taxation “free ride” for the Ultra Wealthy, the proprietors of the One Bank.

How, then, is it possible that Deutsche Bank, one of the Big Bank tentacles of the One Bank, could have recently and openly suggested implementing wealth taxation? It is both a putrid and delicious display of irony.

Our governments have already been bankrupted, and our public treasuries have been emptied (via the“bank bail-outs” of 2008). The masses have already been virtually squeezed-dry of their wealth. Our overallstandard of living has already plummeted by more than half. The Middle Class is virtually extinct , having devolved into the Working Poor. But the bankers’ masters are still hungry.

Thus, their psychopathic minions have been encouraged to dream up new-and-innovative ways to steal more. One form of systemic theft which has been gaining momentum is “the negative interest rate”: borrowers literally stealing from lenders (and savers). It is in this context that we see the two-word phrase which is a “four-letter word” to all bankers: wealth taxation.

…the ECB and BoJ should move more strongly toward penalizing savings via negative retail deposit rates or perhaps wealth taxes .

Here it is necessary to point out the extreme perversity which is implicit in this suggestion. Why is a Deutsche Bank mouthpiece suggesting “negative retail deposit rates or perhaps wealth taxes”? The answer is to (supposedly) stimulate our economies.

Of course, another, obvious way to characterize negative interest rates on bank deposits is as a tax on bank deposits. That is why negative interest rates are suggested interchangeably along with wealth taxation – they are both a form of taxation.

Do you “stimulate” an economy by raising taxes? No (but with a caveat). Thus any and every time we see a banker, or politician, or mainstream drone suggesting negative interest rates as a means of “stimulating our economies” they are lying. It is merely an utterly absurd pretext to supposedly justify more, naked stealing.

In fact, we already have a general, systemic “tax” inflicted upon everyone (except the Ultra Wealthy). It’s called inflation. Every time that corrupt central banks print up a new unit of their fiat currency funny-money, they create inflation. That is the (correct) definition of inflation.

Here we get more lies and perversity. The bankers, and central bankers in particular, lament that we don’t have enough inflation, because we supposedly need more inflation to “stimulate our economies”. Let’s put aside the first, obvious lie: the ludicrous/mythical “inflation rates” fabricated by our corrupt governments. Let’s deal, instead, with the second lie.

Does inflation “stimulate our economies”? We can answer that question by simply looking back in time, to when we had lots of (official) inflation: the 1970s. In the 1970s, did all the inflation created by our central banks stimulate our economies? No. In fact, it was labeled stagflation, and it was universally recognized that inflation (like any tax) does not stimulate our economies . Thus whenever a banker claims that “we need more inflation”, he/she is also lying.

This brings us to the delicious aspect of Deutsche Bank’s ironic suggestion. Because the Big Bank’s foot soldiers are being encouraged to think of more ways to steal-via-taxation, it was only natural that one of those foot soldiers would eventually blurt out the taboo words “wealth taxation”. What makes this deliciously ironic is that unlike the tax of negative interest rates, and unlike the tax of inflation, wealth taxation would actually serve to stimulate our economies, if we used it to replace our destructive/inefficient income taxation system. How? Why?

First we require a quick summary of the destructiveness of income taxation. We officially dwell in “capitalist” economies: nations whose economic growth is derived from profit. What does income taxation do? It taxes profit. It taxes it in the form of wages. It taxes it in the form of dividends and capital gains. It taxes profit in any-and-all forms from our basic commerce.

In other words, income taxation discourages people from increasing their incomes. It discourages people from reaping dividends and capital gains. It discourages people from generating profits in their business enterprises. This is good for our economies? No. How do you destroy any capitalist system (or at least cripple it)? Tax income.

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9 comments to A Big [CRIMINAL] Bank Suggests WEALTH Taxation

  • rich

    German Study Proves It – 95% of Greek “Bailout” Money Went to the Banks
    The economists who took part in the study have analyzed each loan separately to established where the money ended up, and concluded that just 9.7 billion euros – less than 5 percent – actually found its way into the Greek budget for the benefit of citizens.

    “This is something that everyone suspected, but few people actually knew. That has now been confirmed by the study.

  • KRELL427

    I agree Fonestar, people who have not caught the play by now deserve what they get. Those are the same ones who call the prepared people crazy.

  • Windrunner56

    What is the definition of insanity. Yeah….keep watching the banks take your money and be surprised when it is YOUR money. I have zero dollars in any bank. I have one hell of a size mattress though 🙂

    Tax wealthy really means tax those in the middle class who have no idea what is going on. The wealthy know, and they are protected.

    • fonestar

      Yes, except matresses will do you no good.

      This is where people are getting confused. We cannot seperate “dollars” from these western banks as if “dollars” were some paper rectangles with fancy writing on them. Dollars are banks. Banks are dollars. It is the same digital “system”. A paper “dollar” is a digital dollar. A digital dollar inside a bank is a paper dollar. This system will fail all at once along with anything inside that matress because this system is 100% digital fraud designed to fail.

      • Windrunner56

        No confusion Foner. I simply keep what is necessary in paper to function. Precious metals are what I keep. But until the “Collapse” actually happens whereby these paper notes are no longer useful….then they are. And you need to keep some to participate in commerce. Ever try to use a silver coin, Gold coin or Bitcoin at a supermarket? The populace is not yet ready for either. BTW Fonestar, just read an article by Jeff Berwick that he now believes the CIA is somewhat involved in Bitcoin, since This Aussie Wright came out and stated he was Satoshi, and he was endorsed by Gavin Andresen. Falls right in place with the new RSCoin being introducted by the Bank of England. Comments????

        • fonestar

          DARPA, (not CIA directly) was doubtlessly involved in much of the technology underlying Bitcoin, but they were not directly involved in Bitcoin. It looks like “the money powers” did poach Mike Hearn and pay him nicely to jump ship over to R3 (and publicly abandon Bitcoin). Did they do the same to Gavin? I dunno…. but he above almost everyone else should know that this was not the real Satoshi having been a dev and in early direct contact with Satoshi. Also, it should be a trivial matter for “the powers” to look back and trace these emails between Gavin and “Satoshi”. Unless they both went through great measures to secure their emails I am 99% sure that the powers know who Satoshi is (or was).

          • Windrunner56

            OR WAS!!! My thoughts precisely. Satoshi (or symbol thereof) is sitting on some $550,000,000.00 CDN in BTC but does not buy a capuccino with his new found wealth. Sumthin funny me thinks. I do not care how brilliant a person is, how would he not tap the paper wallet for a java??? If you go to Redditt BTC there is a ton on Gavin Andresen falling prey to the scam that is Wright. I like the original Satoshi. He was fun.

            Foney….I am Satoshi!!

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