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UN Equipment Moving Through the Carolinas, M1 Abrams Tanks Moving Through Texas

from The Daily Coin:

Earlier this week we reported, via Investment Research Dynamics, there was “mile long train” hauling UN heavy vehicles. The UN trucks, personal carriers and the like were not brand new, but, what was reported, in state resembling very heavy use.

As was reported at the time:
He said in South Carolina he saw a convoy of UN vehicles that was literally a mile long.  He said it was nothing but heavy equipment carriers, cargo transport trucks and construction equipment trailers. He said the trucks and trailers were empty but they where beat up and looked well used. 

He said at first he thought it might be U.S. military equipment but saw that it was 100% U.N. transport vehicles.  He said it was “very spooky.

There’s civil unrest starting to break out in the U.S, albeit mostly connected to the Trump campaign. There’s all kinds of civil unrest breaking out all over Europe – very little of it is being reported in this country by the mainstream media.   The EU military is rehearsing for civil war in Germany:  LINK 

Now, just today, we learn there is another massive train filled with military equipment, but this time it’s not trucks and unarmed vehicles, instead, it is M1 Abrams tanks!!

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