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Why Are Thousands Of Millionaires Fleeing Chicago And Other Major Cities Around The World?

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog:

The elite are fleeing major cities around the globe at a staggering rate.  In fact, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that approximately 3,000 millionaires left the city of Chicago alone during 2015.  The same study discussed in that Chicago Tribune article found that 7,000 millionaires left Paris, France last year.  So why is this happening?  Why are thousands of millionaires suddenly packing up and moving away from the big cities?  Could it be possible that they have many of the same concerns that “preppers” do about what is coming?

For quite a while, I have been writing about how the elite have been preparing for the coming collapse.  But I had no idea that literally thousands of them are packing up and permanently leaving our major cities.  As I mentioned above, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that about 3,000 of them left the city of Chicago alone during the previous calendar year…

Millionaires are leaving Chicago more than any other city in the United States on a net basis, according to a new report.

About 3,000 individuals with net assets of $1 million or more, not including their primary residence, moved from the city last year, with many citing rising racial tensions and worries about crime as factors in the decision, according to research firm New World Wealth.

But of course this is not just happening in Chicago, nor is it just an American phenomenon.

Actually, the two cities that lost the most millionaires last year are both located over in Europe

Paris saw the largest exodus.

The French city lost 7,000, or 6 percent, of its millionaires, followed by Rome, which lost 5,000, or 7 percent.

It is true that some of these millionaires are moving for tax reasons, but many others are quite concerned that humanity is hurtling toward a deeply apocalyptic future, and they want to get prepared for what is about to happen while they still have time.

In eastern Germany, one company known as “Vivos” has spent an enormous amount of money converting an underground facility built by the Soviets during the Cold War into the largest private shelter on the planet.  It is called “Europa One”, and it is being billed as an ultra-luxury survival bunker for the elite.

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12 comments to Why Are Thousands Of Millionaires Fleeing Chicago And Other Major Cities Around The World?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I actually know one current millionaire and they sold their business and moved to a very different area. They had several reasons.

    Retire & take it easy was part of their motivation, lower taxes was another, but I can tell you, that one thing that played a BIG ROLE, was the increase of BLACK crime & Muslim population increases that have taken place since the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc.

    They packed up and moved from the place where they were BORN, and where all of their friends and family still resided. Since that move, the retired millionaire has been able to convince and help several of their family to move away from the ever increasing “rising crime areas”.

    The area of Michigan where they lived, was gorgeous, with more than 10 acres, great little area, but was located between Detroit & Ann Arbor (home of U-of-M). The business was located in a suburb about 5-10 miles away from Detroit, but has seen a steady change “in character” (ethnic criminals & rise of the muslims), etc. Keeping the business safe from such crime, and the commute, shopping, etc, becomes ever harder to remain as safe as it used to be.

    They were clever, and bought a great home in a very safe, cozy area, and they got it at a huge discount due to all the housing repos.

    They are very friendly people, and many times, I’ve seen them roll up their sleeves and get elbow deep in crawling under a car, truck or farm machine, to help with changing parts or doing service, shoveling manure, yard work, house repairs, etc and then fire up the BBQ and cook for family, friends and neighbors (including for me too.) They associate with “people” and care nothing about “status, position or power”.

    A very rare gem in my book. Anyway, THEY moved, probably for the same reasons why THOUSANDS of wealthy people are moving. Reduction of safety, kindness, (as well as trying to prevent government from confiscating their hard earned money.)

    Me & my circle of acquaintances, at our age (from 50-75), have seen the steady degradation of our society. Drug cartels, angry black privilege, ever increasing muslims, and more corrupted government than ever before.

    We cannot change the world, but we can try to put some distance between us and all the garbage that is growing worse all the time. We ALL want to “buy some safe-time” until the collapse can “re-sort” things out, and hope the world will evolve back into a better place on the other side.

    My observations? Get away from Population zones, even from the “white” areas, because NO crowded area will be safe when the FOOD, water, and other civilized things are gone. I don’t believe there will ANY such thing as a “nice, safe city”.

  • DCA

    CED you are so correct. I spoke to a gentleman in Idaho that was very successful selling retreat real estate. He had a thriving business years ago in the Detroit area and sold out to get to the American Redoubt. He sold property to a wide range of persons from a guy that wanted to put a camper in the woods to be left alone to a NASA scientist that spent millions building an underground bunker. I agree with Jim Rawles and Joel Skousen in their retreat philosophy. I’m currently considering selling my place in the front range of Colorado which has become Californicated with a population that lives in a normalcy bias and liberalism. This place might be also be target one with the reactivated NORAD in Cheyenne Mtn, Schriever (secret) AFB, Peterson AFB, Ft Carson, Air Force Academy, Lockheed Martin’s Waterton Plant and the part of the Triad’s Minuteman Missile silos in the NE corner of the state and the possibility of the new Central Gov location if the lights go out on the East Coast. This is not the place to come folks unless you want to smoke dope and be oblivious. I hope to get into the Redoubt or close to it. I might lease a piece of property and “live in a van down by the river” or maybe buy a small place off a road that’s off another road and build a pole barn to park in until the worst is past. Condie Rice might have known something when they asked her what she was going to do after office and she indicated she will get out of the Beltway and west of the Mississippi as fast as she can. I believe all population centers will be hell holes when SHTF or maybe now to a certain extent.

  • Millicent

    Move somewhere where the people have “day” or “wet” markets and most all food & produce is sold fresh on a daily basis. This is because refrigeration is still a relatively new concept to them and thus most of the food is locally raised & grown…

    Hint: these places are not in Amerika.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      That would be a good idea, but when I really think about “WHERE?”, and I observe the realities on the ground, it gets hard to find such an area as you suggest, and then there is the problem of being “white” and being too different from the locals.

      I’ve been around, as well as having met or known people from at least 15 or 20 counties, from every continent on earth.

      Have had some close, personal friends (& lots of information) from my Greek friends, Lebanese & Iraqi friends, Russian girlfriend, Lithuanian girlfriend, Texas relatives, Nigerian neighbor, Chinese co-workers, Polish relatives, German neighbor, Mexican, Brazilian, and Chilean acquaintances. (and traveled to a small handful of some areas.)

      North Western parts of “Eastern Europe” was my favorite (and the places that have no
      Muslims or blacks were my favorite places, such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kaliningrad, etc.

      SWEDEN has become a Muslim hell hole. (Good friend’s wife is from Sweden, and they have a 2nd home there.) Those places have the daily markets, etc, but I was a “Westerner”, and would be a target of thugs during a TEOTWAKI.

      I rule out Africa, and Asia (and all Pacific areas). I also rule out Latino drug & thug infested areas. (Being a GRINGO among Latinos, is asking for problems. I know this, even from living in a “Latino town area’ of Detroit back in the 70’s, 80’s).

      Being the “Lone Marshmallow” in a Cup of Hot Chocolate (whitey in black-town) is never good either. (also my Detroit experience).

      Bad to be an “Infidel” in a heavy Muslim area (touching Detroit is DEARBORN Michigan, often called “Dearbornistan” for GOOD reasons. More Arabs than any other part of the USA, only surpassed by the Muslim hoards living in FRANCE.)

      Australia or New Zealand would have been great, but for Fukugeddon killing the entire Pacific as we speak.

      I thought about parts of South America, Brazil, etc. Nope, too much trouble.

      Greece? Italy? Bulgaria? Slovenia?

      Hungary & Poland were actually pretty good, but westerners would still be a target when the times get bad. Eastern Russia & parts of inland China may be good.

      But after ALL that reading, researching, analyzing, etc, I settled into Florida, near the southern border of Alabama. We don’t have any “daily” farmer’s markets here, not yet, but weekend markets do exist. Lots of farmers around here, no big population zones within 20 miles or more. Nearest BIG (non black) city are 50 miles away, nearest big “black city” is 100 miles away.

      Muslims? Almost zero. Crime rates? Much lower than average. Population density? Very low. I think we may have more COWS than people. No pig farms either. No oil wells, no coal deposits, no nuclear plants up wind from me, etc. 300 feet geographical elevation (no floods), etc. Pretty good little “sweet spot”, and GOOD aquifer water quality too.

      Car insurance? (full coverage) $50/month. Homestead taxes (acres with mobile home) $300/year.
      Utility bills= average $85. And with a septic tank and water well= NO water or sewer bills.

      A person could actually live here, without heating in winter, grow food (3 growing seasons), and need to spend, perhaps only about $400 per month to survive ok. That would be about as “tight” as you can make it, but if you had NO other obligations, it could be done.

      • Millicent

        They exist… you have to do your due diligence.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          They exist, I agree with that statement. But finding them, or one of them, that would not be a danger to the English speaking whitey may not be so easy. (and don’t forget, radiation contamination zones are not allowed. So that rules out MUCH of France (most nuclear reactors per nation), Chernobyl, Hanford, England, many parts of many countries, and the entire Pacific Rim, and USA Jetstream fallouts, USA West Coast, etc.

          Claiming that they exist, won’t work if such a “multiple safe zone” is not really out there.

          And 20 years ago, there were MANY such places, even for western whiteys to live, but today? Not even Sweden is safe anymore. Parts of London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, & Paris are a “Sharia” zone only.

          Tokyo investigators are mapping some pretty big fallout numbers, and even the Gulf of Mexico is still producing HUGE numbers of deformed sea life due to the B.P. rig blow out some years ago, and all those chemicals pumped to “disperse” it. There is a kind of secret NO FLY zone, No Boat zone, NO divers zone in that part of the gulf. People get arrested (and some may have been “disappeared” for trying to investigate the region.) It’s a BIG open secret around here, to those who have contacts with people who make their living doing “Gulf harvests”.

          Pollutions in the Mediterranean sea is EPIC (seems that all the bordering nations still use it as a sewer and dumping ground).

          So, where are these “mythological” good country market sites existing today? I’d like to know more about it. Please give me more information and not just “it must be there”.

          Perhaps Haiti? Honduras? Cairo? Or perhaps next to one of the many nuclear reactors in France? Athens? Rome? Malta? Zimbabwe? Denver? We could do this all day.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I’m considered “blue collar” middle class (retired), and I am careful about my expenses, and trying to do a good job of protecting what little I own.

    That’s why I moved to a “No tax” state, with mild winters, and low house taxes, low car insurance, and not in a HOT SPOT drug cartel area (if there is such a nice thing as “not” a hot spot).

    I’ve got friends in the Texas region, and THEY know it’s a HOT SPOT. (but so is Chicago, Detroit, LA, NYC, or basically EVERY black or “Latino” city.)

    Pick your battles, pick your battlefield. Lay low, keep quiet, don’t draw attention to yourself or your homestead. Be ready to stay OFF the roads (FEMA capture road blocks), etc.

    With all these “emergency, PRIVATE” meetings of “The FED” at the White house, and with many other banks around the “OiL patch”, etc, and of course, secret meetings in Europe, Asia, Middle East, it is easy to get a bit Paranoid that trouble is just around the corner.

    We may not SEE the turds, but we can SMELL the STINK. Trouble is BREWING, and it smells like SHIT STEW.

    • Malcolm

      The majority are standing in shit neck deep and then the tannoy announces “T break over lads here comes the devil in his speed boat”

  • glitter 1

    There is an old saying:

    When you see the neighborhood starting to turn you can do one of three things;

    1) Do nothing.

    2) Try to fight/change it.

    3) Move!

  • Eric

    Simple answer: because it’s a commie progressive hell hole ruined by democrats.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      The numbers of shootings, stabbings, robberies, rapes, car theft, burglaries, etc in Chicago (and other “black cities and areas”) is astounding, and the world has not yet fallen totally apart.

      Just wait until the FOOD STAMP cards quit working. Grocery stores, liquor stores, Pharmacies, are gonna be LOOTED out of existence in only about 3-24 hours. 72 hours for the luckiest, calmest areas.

      As the blacks start their idea of a “race war” of victory over the evil whites, things will not go well as every black thug shoots up his single box of shells, and the white sportsment & preppers open up the cases with 1000 rounds per case.

      Just picture all those Cadillacs with BIG chrome rims, running out of gas very quickly (probably because most of the blacks I ever knew, rarely ever put more than $5 or $10 bucks in the tank at any one time.)

      It’s gonna be comical and sad at the same time. Car-Jacking will stop, and it will be the Gold TEEF that will be the targets of “TEEF JACKERS”.

      Stores that have signs outside that says= “We Buy Gold” will be heavily guarded, and they will shoot on sight, anybody foolish enough to try to rob the place. Morgue services will be making many “pickups” at those places.

      Eventually, some new, or old diseases will SWEEP across the cities that have not yet burned to the ground. I think MANY, (or almost EVERY city) will burn from end to end.

      One good side effect. RAP music will be gone.

    • Howard Roark

      Wow, maybe I’ll be safe if I post a Blazing Saddles clip?

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