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White House ‘Fact Sheet’ Says Climate Change Could Kill 27,000 Americans In Summer of 2100

by Penny Starr, CNS News:

In a “fact sheet” issued by the White House in conjunction with a climate change report made public last week, one of the impacts of increasing temperatures is the deaths of thousands of American people over the course of one summer.

“Extreme heat can be expected to cause an increase in the number of premature deaths, from thousands to tens of thousands, each summer, which will outpace projected decreases in deaths from extreme cold,” the fact sheet stated.

“One model projected an increase, from a 1990 baseline for more than 200 American cities, of more than an additional 11,000 deaths during the summer in 2030 and more than an additional 27,000 deaths during the summer in 2100,” the fact sheet said.

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2 comments to White House ‘Fact Sheet’ Says Climate Change Could Kill 27,000 Americans In Summer of 2100

  • Scott

    Big fucking deal. “fact sheet” my ass. Who cares. One recent Tsunami killed 140,000 !!
    Fuck global warming. It’s a farce.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Good point. We all know that the earth & solar system goes through changes over and over again.

      There are times the SUN goes through warmer times and cooler times, and affects ALL the planets, along with volcanoes, asteroids, comets. etc. So we get cool periods, warm periods, etc.

      But as for the wiping out of large numbers of people?
      Global WETTING (Tsunami) kills a LOT of people deader than driftwood.

      We need more Tsunamis. A really BIG one in the Pacific is just what we need. Big enough to make Fukushima slide off of Japan and down into the deep trench in that area of the ocean.

      And a Tsunami THAT big, in THAT area, will also wipe out all the coastal cities in Asia and reduce the world population by about a billion or more.

      Don’t forget to drop a Tsunami on India & the Middle East. (“Sand-people” don’t have much experience with knowing how to swim very well.)

      Sorry to say, but I think California’s days are numbered, Vancouver BC, etc.

      On the Atlantic side? Oh yeah. NYC, Newark, Jacksonville, and on the European side? London must be flushed.

      Geologists say that when the Canary islands (off the Coast of Spain) drops another big Cliff into the sea, that the Tsunami traveling at about 400-800MPH, will hit the USA east coast and FLUSH across the entire Florida peninsula (taking away Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, much of Cuba, PR. Haiti, D.R., Bahamas, Jamaica, etc.)

      And. of course, we can look forward to POLE SHIFT or pole FLIP, earthquakes, and YELLOWSTONE. Oh boy, YELLOWSTONE has the potential to wipe out 1/2 of the entire USA population or more? Tsunamis can wipe out coastlines, and Yellowstone will do the interior.

      The multiverse is a dangerous place. (I used to think of everything as being contained in a “Universe”, but I now think it’s bigger than that.)

      Comets (Tunguska, etc), asteroids, meteors, rogue planets, rogue black holes, super novas, Carrington events (CME’s, flares), plagues, chemtrails, Monsanto, locusts, and HUMAN ignorance & arrogance. Amazing that anybody is still alive.

      I think a FINANCIAL CRASH will be a “piece of cake” compared to those big things.

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