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Venezuela’s Slow, Painful Death

from The Sleuth Journal:

Venezuela is a rare case of a nation condemned to die a slow painful death by self-destruction and foreign intervention at the same time.

The last shoe to drop for the Bolivarian nation is the sharp decline in oil prices, which was the only lifeline for a country that, despite its natural riches, is still 100% dependent on crude oil sales to finance its gargantuan government-run bureaucracy.

Venezuela’s economic activity has collapsed since the decline of oil prices and, despite major attacks from Washington and its sponsored organizations inside the country, the Maduro-led government is the most egregious aggressor against the ever-dependent population.

The work week has been reduced to 48 hours, while people are left without energy to run their businesses and homes due to the ‘energy crisis’ which the government fully blames on foreign interventionism.

The vice president of Venezuela, Aristobulo Isturiz, has given the most unexpected news, among the many that occur in his troubled country.

The Government has decided to paralyze its public sector almost entirely in a desperate effort to prevent the level of the main power plant in the country, which generates 70% of the electricity consumed in the South American nation, to continue decreasing its water level. Such scenario would force a widespread blackout, Isturiz. How a mineral and oil rich country depends on one single hydroelectric plant to provide energy to its population is beyond everyone’s understanding.

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