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Tom Hanks: America Will Be ‘Fine’ If Trump Becomes President

from Western Journalism:

Unlike some other Hollywood actors who has said they will leave the country if Trump becomes president, Academy Award winner Tom Hanks believes America will be just “fine.”
“Listen, I have no powers of clairvoyants like you geniuses in the news media. I’m not saying he’s going to be President of the United States.”

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2 comments to Tom Hanks: America Will Be ‘Fine’ If Trump Becomes President

  • tomche

    Tom Hanks just reaffirms that those with money are soon out of touch with reality as to be laughable, sadly.
    I used to have respect for him, but then, I am reminded that he is just an actor…a well paid ACTOR.

    For ideas on the political, the philosophical and the deeper meaning of things, I suggest you look elsewhere…

    Having said that, I rather enjoy him in movies.

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