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The World Economy Has Stopped Growing And Is Headed Into A Depression – David Stockman

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1 comment to The World Economy Has Stopped Growing And Is Headed Into A Depression – David Stockman

  • Ed_B

    Gotta love Dave Stockman. He’s got such a clear-eyed view of where we have been, where we are now, and where we are headed that it is a shock that he ever served in the US Gov. Of course, that was back in the days before all this Keynesian socialist nonsense was used to experiment on the US, UK, EU, and Japanese economies. That experiment has been an absolutely dismal failure of epic proportion that it is amazing that those responsible have not all been fired for complete incompetence. Those who KNOW what they are doing to these economies and do it anyway should get to enjoy the hospitality of a not very nice prison somewhere… Turkey? Yeah, that would do it.

    So now, the Dems have Bernie out there, running hard to defeat She Who Has Been Selected. Truth is, either of these would be a complete disaster for this country. Oddly enough, I can stomach Bernie. Yes, he’s just plain wrong about so many things but he seems a reasonably honest person. Hellery, on the other hand, has no political position of any kind. Everything about her is FOR SALE and don’t think for a moment that everyone in DC is unaware of this. The corruption and slime in her life goes clear through to the bone. In fact, she’s one of the very few people that I consider as being truly evil. Obama is cut from the same cloth in terms of corruption but his corruption seems to be more of a political nature and not of a financial nature… not that he hasn’t cleaned up or won’t continue to do so once out of office.

    The Repubs have Trump out there, doing his thing… whatever that is. One does not live their life as a lib and then all of a sudden have their “come to Reagan” moment and become a conservative for the rest of their life. It’s not that I don’t like Trump. It’s that I don’t trust anyone who says that they have had a last-minute conversion. That strikes me in the same way as those death-row inmates who become “Christians” in the hope of avoiding execution. Let’s just say that they are lacking in sincerity.

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