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THE VACCINE PANEL: The Horrible TRUTH About Vaccines

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From CDC whistle blowing to autism to big pharma fascism, this panel of esteemed experts covers it all. This is the Vaccine Panel that was held on February 20, 2016 in Los Angeles at the Conscious Life Expo. The panel is moderated by Kelly Gallagher and the speakers include Dr. Andrew Wakefield M.D., Dr. Toni Bark, Karen Kain, Brandy Vaughan, Allison Jones, Wendy Silvers, Larry Cook and Dr. Nick Delgado. The discussion includes everything vaccine related including a Q&A from the audience.

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2 comments to THE VACCINE PANEL: The Horrible TRUTH About Vaccines

  • Ed_B

    Here’s a somewhat less than horrible truth. Millions of children and young adults are no longer ravaged by polio. 60 years ago, this was relatively common and led to many deaths and even more terrible crippling. This has been eliminated and its elimination is 100% due to the Salk and Sabin vaccines. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath-water here. Any number of vaccines have been absolutely wonderful creations that have great reduced the death and suffering of millions of people. That they are not 100% effective or that they can harm a few people while helping a great many is regrettable. But so is letting these awful diseases run rampant without effective treatment. I know because I had polio as a toddler and was VERY fortunate to escape that experience with my life and without life-long paralysis. Many others were not even close to being so fortunate.

  • matt

    awsome ed..But it’s about keeping the discussion open and not allowing Big Pharma to dictate what we put into our bodies..There are success stories and there are not so successful stories..If we just trust them and do not question it (as with everything) we will pay the saying can ignore reality etc etc

    Thanks Sean for this post..

    Not anti Vaccines but think a close eye needs to be kept of the industry typrs and hold them to account when they mess up

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