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The Trillion Dollar Nuclear Weapons Fraud

from The Daily Bell:

John Kerry makes ‘gut-wrenching’ tour of Hiroshima peace park … First US secretary of state to visit atomic bomb memorial says site is ‘harsh reminder of threat of nuclear weapons.’ – CNN

Over the years, as we have helped debunk elite propaganda, from elaborate NASA hoaxes to vaccine cover-ups, it has occurred to us more and more strongly that something is wrong with at least parts of the “nuclear narrative.”

Take the latest developments. Kerry goes to Hiroshima (see excerpt above) to commemorate the war dead while the US focuses on a nuclear arsenal upgrade that will generate smaller and more efficient bombs at gargantuan expense.

Kerry won’t apologize for dropping the Bomb; and those running the nuclear arsenal upgrade surely won’t apologize for its complexity or cost.

The budget is apparently estimated to be $1 trillion and the program will run for three decades. But who is supervising? And who is providing the accountability?

The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability has published “Trillion Dollar Trainwreck,” pleading for some sanity. Democracy Now just interviewed with the group’s leader Marylia Kelley.

Kelley makes some good points. The US military-industrial complex surely deserves scrutiny beyond what it is usually subject to. Do US congressmen just take the Pentagon’s word for it? It sometimes seems that way.

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