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from Zerohedge via The Daily Sheeple:

With the topic of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the Sept 11 attack on everyone’s lips, if certainly not those of president Obama who is currently in Riyadh where he is meeting with members of Saudi royalty in what may be his last trip to the Saudi nation as US president, many have been clamoring for the information in the suddenly notorious “28-pages” (following the recent 60 Minutes episode) to be released to the public so the US population can finally relegate all those “conspiracy theories” surrounding the real perpetrator behind the Sept 11 terrorist attack to the “conspiracy fact” pile.
It won’t have to wait that long.

As The Times writes today, new evidence has come to light of a definitive link between Saudi Arabian officials and the 9/11 terrorist attacks “further raising tensions as President Obama travels to the kingdom.”

According to the report, Ghassan Al-Sharbi, a Saudi who became an al-Qa’ida bomb maker, is believed to have taken flying lessons with some of the 9/11 hijackers in Arizona but did not take part in the attacks on New York and the Pentagon that killed 3,000 people in 2001.

He was captured in Pakistan in 2002 and has since been held at Guantanamo Bay. According to a US memo, known as document 17, written in 2003 and quietly declassified last year, the FBI learnt that he had buried a cache of papers shortly before he was captured.

Think of “Document 17” as a mini version of the “28 pages” whose content has yet to be revealed. The document was written by two US investigators examining the possible roles of foreign governments in the attacks.

One detail leapt out at the FBI agents from the papers that Sharbi had tried to hide: his US flight certificate was in an envelope from the Saudi embassy in Washington.

And there is your smoking gun, which has been fully available to the US government for the pat 13 years. It should have also been available to the American public.

Understandably, Brian McGlinchey, the activist who uncovered document 17, asked a simple question: “The envelope points to the fundamental question hanging over us today: to what extent was the 9/11 plot facilitated by individuals at the highest levels of the Saudi government?”

Here is the problem. As the Times puts it, “president Obama is expected to meet on Wednesday with King Salman, whose kingdom is under pressure from low oil prices, an emboldened Iran and Washington’s tougher stance. The Saudi government threatened last week to dump $750 billion in US Treasury securities and other American assets if congress passes a bill that would clear a path for the families of 9/11 victims to file lawsuits against the kingdom.”

In other words, Obama will not ask any questions of King Salman, let alone the “fundamental” one.

So perhaps it is time to get a president who will ask the question: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidates, backed the bill, which Mr Obama has signaled he will veto. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, the leading Republicans in the race, have warned Saudi Arabia that its relationship with the US must change. “Friends do not fund jihadists that are seeking to murder us,” Mr Cruz said.

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  • anon

    1) Israel’s Mossad did 9/11, with no doubt, CIA complicity.
    2) Dick Cheney can be directly connected to the events of 9/11.
    3) Keep in mind, Saudi Arabia MAY have had something to do with funding 9/11. (The House of Saud (Saudi Royal Family) was put in power by the British/U.K./’City’ of London/Rothschilds (@/SAUDI ARABIAN OIL INTERESTS)… This was done to DIVIDE ISLAM AND THE ARABS, AND PAVE THE WAY FOR A JEWISH STATE (Israel, est. 1948). So, if U.K. (JEWISH) BANKERS, in the ‘City’ of London CREATED the House of Saud as a sort of puppet dictatorship to protect Rothschilds’ OIL INTERESTS IN THE REGION – then, it’s all just smoke and mirrors – yeah, BLAME THE ARABS! – COULDN’T HAVE BEEN THE JEWS! What is happening in the “EU” right now? It’s being overrun by Syrian and other Arab “refugees”, right? WHO BENEFITS, from flooding a predominantly WHITE, or CAUCASIAN Europe, with ARAB “refugees”? WHO BENEFITS? (Facetious question).

    By now, we should all know without any shadow of a doubt.

    You see, there is a U.S.A. (“Jew”SA), U.K. (“Jew”K), Rothschild-ISRAHELL, HOUSE OF SAUD CONNECTION, and it is highly likely that they ALL were in on 9/11, in one way or another. Someone at the BBC OBVIOUSLY KNEW BUILDING 7 WAS GOING TO GO DOWN! BECAUSE THEIR REPORTER REPORTED ON IT AS HAVING GONE DOWN WITH THE BUILDING STILL STANDING IN THE BACKGROUND (AS SEEN THROUGH THE WINDOW BEHIND THE REPORTER)! DICK CHENEY OBVIOUSLY KNEW WHAT WAS GOING DOWN ON 9/11. Mossad obviously knew what was going down on 9/11, because they were the ones that planned it, and carried it out! Larry Silverstein knew what was going down on 9/11. That’s why he had a doctor’s appointment that morning!

    Blaming the House of Saud is just a CONVENIENT deflection of guilt away from the actual perps, in “the West” (Mossad, CIA, MI6). Look, do you REALLY think, that a a member of the (SAUDI/OIL) Bin Laden family, close personal friends with the Prescott/G.H.W. Bush (BANKING/OIL/CIA) Family, is going to BYPASS GCHQ, NSA, MOSSAD, CIA, AND MI6 – THE ENTIRE INTELLIGENCE APPARATUS OF ‘THE WEST’, with a sattelite phone and a laptop, from a cave in Afghanistan?

    Everything You Wanted To Know About 9/11 In Under 5 Minutes!

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