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The Rise of the Fourth Reich, Part I

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

Informed readers are aware that our “history books” are generally fictional, with much of that fiction being absurd to the point of being laughable. This pseudo-history is yet another construct of propaganda, and we have a term for such efforts to rewrite the past: revisionism.

With our Revisionist history, important events are systematically misreported. This misreporting is then amplified over time, perverting the Truth, to an ever-greater extent. Consequently, explanations of these events (where they exist at all) are superficial, and equally perverted from reality.

The further back we go in this Revisionist history, the murkier that events become.

This is not due so much to the passage of time, but rather to the layers and layers of propaganda subsequently heaped on top of important events, in order to obscure those events from us – and thus any correct understanding of our own history.

As a consequence of that, we’re frequently left with large, unanswered questions. Indeed, with this extreme, systemic Revisionism often making our “history” nearly unrecognizable, our questions are often accompanied with an equal sense of incredulity. How could this or that have ever happened?

In that regard, few episodes of history spark more questions of this nature than the rise of the Third Reich – i.e. Nazi Germany. One of these questions which people keep asking, but for which they never seem to arrive at a satisfactory answer is: how? How could an entire population descend to a level where they could be led down such a dark path of destruction, slaughter, and crimes against humanity?

The answer to this question in general terms is “cultural insanity”. An entire population was brainwashed, via an intense propaganda campaign, into accepting a belief system which the German people of the 21stcentury would find totally abhorrent. Believing one’s selves to be “a Master race” is perhaps the most-obvious indicator of that cultural insanity.

While our Revisionist history is extremely murky, it appears that the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany was (at least in specific terms) an accident of history. However, while Hitler and Nazi Germany could be regarded as an accident, World War II itself was anything but.

People can peruse numerous, contemporary books and read that the “cause of World War II” was the “peace” of World War I, that much is understood. What is meant by this, is that the terms of surrender imposed upon Germany were so onerous that those terms alone placed Germany on a path where it would (literally) be forced to fight to survive.

Military warfare had simply been replaced with economic warfare. Our Revisionist history tells us that the bloc of nations (primarily the U.S., UK, and France) who imposed these ultra-harsh terms upon Germany had simply erred, in their supposed zeal to prevent Germany from ever embarking upon another European war.

What we know of real history tells us that this Revisionism is virtually opposite to the actual truth. To start with, the Western powers who imposed these terms, and thus caused World War II, were, themselves, just puppet governments. We begin piecing together the truth via an author whose work was contemporary with that era: Charles Lindbergh Sr.

In The Economic Pinch (published in 1923), Lindbergh states bluntly:

Shortly after the [American] Civil War a group of men formed a selfish plan to rule the world by the manipulation of finances.  [p.22]

This career prosecutor labeled these megalomaniac oligarchs “the profiteers.” Note the level of political corruption which Lindbergh already saw all around him in the United States, a century ago.

If we take into account the conditions of the people, we see more injustice imposed by the profiteers and politicians of these times than is stated in the Declaration of Independence against the Imperial Government we were then under.  [p.59]

This needs to be restated for emphasis. A hundred years ago, the supposed “democracy” of the United States was already so rancid with corruption that its government at that time was worse than the dictatorial British monarchy that spawned a revolution.

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3 comments to The Rise of the Fourth Reich, Part I

  • anon

    “…destruction, slaughter, and crimes against humanity…” in Nazi Germany?

    You want to talk about destruction, slaughter, and crimes against humanity, you need to educate yourself, and bone up on the so-called “Russian” “Revolution”! It WASN’T RUSSIAN, AND IT WASN’T A REVOLUTION! It was the single greatest “holocaust” of the 20th Century!


    The Secret Behind Communism, by Dr. David Duke

    Source: X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

    (Be sure to read ALL comments, click on ALL links, and read/view/listen to ALL content).

    Remember, 2017 is the 100th Anniversary of the so-called “Russian” “Revolution”. Keep your eyes and ears open. What do the “Bolsheviks” of our era have planned for the United States of America, after the 2016 “Election”?

    • anon

      “Believing one’s selves to be ‘a Master race’ is perhaps the most-obvious indicator of that cultural insanity.”

      ZIONISM, anyone?

  • some guy

    Wow. Nielson needs to do some more homework. The entire evil nazi story was fabricated by the same people (if they even are people) who are destroying our world today. Hitler was standing up to the banksters and pretty much everything we have ever heard in the mainstream is a lie.

    Nielsons story about propaganda is ironically fueled by propaganda.

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