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The Real Reason American Cities Have Lead in the Water Supply: “Humans Have Been Written Off”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Yet another public water supply has been found tainted with toxic lead from corrosive pipes.

It is no surprise to watch crumbling rust belt cities under siege by corrosive, tainted and dangerous lead pipes, though it is tragic.

Cincinnati, like Flint, has a major lead issue in its public water supply. Cassius Kamarampiwrites:
Cincinnati city officials sent out letters to 16,000 residents this week, informing them that much of the city’s water transporting pipes are still made of lead.

The message is kind of contradictory, admitting the pipes are problematic, while assuring residents that it’s safe because they have a “successful lead corrosion control program.”

According to

City leaders here in Cincinnati don’t want citizens to panic. Greater Cincinnati Water Works closely monitors its water and has never had a lead violation, according to officials. Cincinnati has had a successful lead corrosion control program that has protected customers for years.

But the pipes’ mere existence can cause a threat, officials confirm.


The elected bureaucrats of Flint, Michigan hesitated to inform residents about contaminated water for as long as they possibly could; knowing how officials can be, is this a sign that Cincinnati water is already dangerous?

The corruption is inherent. Shady politicians, crumbling infrastructure, diverted funds and negligence, pure and simple.

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3 comments to The Real Reason American Cities Have Lead in the Water Supply: “Humans Have Been Written Off”

  • Timco

    Below is a list of chemicals used in Cincinnati water. They reported me to homeland security for requesting this list. Yes, they actually put antifreeze in the water to prevent pipe corrosion!!!

    GCWW uses the following chemicals at RMTP in the treatment process:

    · Alum: (aluminum sulfate- Al2(SO4)3) at a target level of 15 mg/L – Supplier – USALCO;

    · Polymer: (PolyDADMAC,) Poly(dimethyldiallylammonium chloride – (C8H16NCl)n at a target dose of 1.0 mg/L – Supplier – Polydyne;

    · Chlorine: (Cl2 ) at a target level of 1.5 mg/L – Supplier Univar;

    · Fluoride: (added as hydrofluorosilicic acid – H2SiF6) at a dose of 0.7 mg/l –Supplier – The Mosaic Co;

    · Iron sulfate: Fe2(SO4)3 (as needed) at a target level of 1.0 mg/l – Supplier – Kemira;

    · Lime: (CaO) target does 3 mg/L – Supplier – Mississippi Lime;

    · Caustic Soda: NaOH target 8.6 pH units; target dose 6.75 mg/L – Supplier – Univar;

    · Potassium Permanganate: KMnO4 (as needed) 1 mg/L –Supplier – Carus;

    · Sodium hexametaphosphate: (NaPO3)6 target dose 0.5 mg/l – Supplier – Univar;

    · Algaecide: Copper sulfate – CuSO4 (as needed) 1 mg/L – applied at reservoir – Supplier – Chem-A-Co.

    GCWW uses the following chemical at CMBP in the treatment process:

    · Chlorine: (Cl2 ) at a target level of 1.5 mg/l – Supplier – Univar;

    · Lime: (CaO) target dose 975 pounds/million gallons (for softening) – Supplier – Mississippi Lime;

    · Fluoride: (added as hydrofluorosilicic acid – H2SiF6) at a dose of 0.6 mg/l –Supplier – The Mosaic Co;

    · Sodium hexametaphosphate (NaPO3)6 target dose 0.5 mg/l – Supplier – Univar.

  • Paul Prichard

    These governments that have become lost to the people so now they get to be abolished at the next election cycle, not withstanding rampant voter fraud.

  • Back in 2012 The Swiss-based GMO company Syngenta settled a class action lawsuit for some $105 million over the dangers posed by its gender-bending herbicide Atrazine.

    Water utilities in the U.S. Midwest sued over alleged contamination resulting from Syngenta’s weed killer Atrazine, which leaked into systems and potentially affected the drinking supply of some 52 million Americans in more than 2,000 water districts, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    Not only have humans been written off, but the Gender Fluidity movement has been greatly enhanced by gender bending herbicides.

    Illuminati Have Developed a Gender Bending Pesticide (Atrazine/Sygenta) that Turns Male Frogs Female & Gay

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