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The New Bull Market in Gold Part I: Macroeconomic Backdrop with Jim Rickards

from Macro Voices:

Erik Townsend welcomes Jim Rickards to MacroVoices. Erik and Jim discuss:

Gold as a currency, rather than an investment, because “earning yield requires taking risk”
The USD rally and the Fed’s influence on its ability to continue
The difference between a central bank’s ability to cure inflation, vs. curing deflation
The possibilities of confiscation, taxation, and NIRP and their effects on the relative attractiveness of Gold
The Fed first tightening into weakness, and now turning more dovish after a market correction in early 2016
The reasons why governments can’t tolerate inflation
Gold as a potential hedge against deflation, as well as inflation
How QE actually functions, and why we’ve seen so little effect on the real economy
What the next form of stimulus may look like, and how it may affect the outlook on Gold
The necessity for structural solutions, not monetary solutions, to structural problems

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1 comment to The New Bull Market in Gold Part I: Macroeconomic Backdrop with Jim Rickards

  • KRELL427

    I’m getting sick of Jim Rickards showing up again all over the internet to plug his new book. I will not listen to one more word from him.Get his PR guy to set him up for a book signing at Fort Knox.

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