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The FDIC Issues Letter Warning of Economic Collapse-Martial Law Drills Are Everywhere

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Peter Schiff Warns Of Economic Collapse In 28 May 2016

Since the first week in March, Schiff has been screaming atthe top of his lungs that the American economy is going to fail and when it begins to fail, it is going to happen quickly.

Forget Peter Schiff and the unprecedented banker meetings, The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is telling all who can read the English language that an economic collapse is upon us and quite clearly, the banks know it, the people know it and now now all of you should take notice.


jp morgan unstable

The following communique should serve as your red alert. The Federal Reserve is out of ideas, no more band-aids can keep the banks and the American economy  afloat, and your money is still in these banks?

At the top of page 11, of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s (FDIC) letter to JP Morganhas revealed a 19 page letter sent to JP Morgan/CHASE Bank the Federal regulators reveal that they have “identified a deficiency” in JPMorgan’s wind-down plan which if not properly addressed could “pose serious adverse effects to the financial stability of the United States.”  Straight from the government’s mouth.

Martial Law Drills Are Occurring All Across the Country: Example #1

Here is a brochure distributed by a local Wyoming business to its employees about an upcoming martial law drill. It was obtained from a friend of the Common Sense show’s health reporter, Katy Whelan.

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