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The Death of Western Human Rights

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

We used to live in “democracies”, meaning that once upon a time we voted-in governments who at least attempted to represent the People whom they supposedly serve. In the United States, the death of that democracy dates back at least a century.

We know this to be true, because we have an historical source (Charles Lindbergh Sr.), a two-term Congressman and career prosecutor who wrote about the endemic/systemic corruption of the U.S.’s former democracy which already existed a hundred years ago. The time-frame for the death of other Western democracies is more ambiguous. However, clearly today, there are no democracies anywhere in the supposedly “free” Western world – with the apparent exception of tiny Iceland.

We know that this is our current reality, because we have the empirical evidence to prove that our governments have ceased to serve the People. Instead, they exclusively serve the interests of those at the top of the wealth ladder. For virtually the last half-century; the wealthy (and especially the Ultra Wealthy) have grown richer at a pace never before seen in history.

For the first time in history, merely the richest 1% of humanity now holds more wealth than the other 99% of humanity, combined. This monstrous inequity was produced not merely through fattening the wealthy, in a relentlessly obscene manner. Equally, this despicable injustice has been achieved through robbing the People of their wealth. While the standard of living of the Fat Cats has soared higher in a near-vertical line, the standard of living of the Little People has been plummeting almost as fast.

What do our Traitor Governments tell us, when presented with the facts concerning this monstrous theft of our wealth? They (and their mouthpieces in the Corporate media) tell us that this is “the New Normal”. According to our corrupt leaders, and the propaganda machine which reinforces all their lies, this is how the world is (now) supposed to devolve.

The Fat Cats are supposed to get richer and richer and richer, ad infinitum. The Little People are supposed to get poorer and poorer and poorer, also ad infinitum. Even if this devolution could somehow be justified (which it obviously can’t), it is absolutely unsustainable.

An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics.

–    Plutarch (AD 46 – AD 120)

Two thousand years ago, it was already old news that the surest way to destroy an economy/society/nation was through allowing the Fat Cats to “acquire” (i.e. steal) the wealth of the masses. Our present economic order is not only the ultimate injustice, it is also economic suicide.

Most regular readers are already aware of this economic devolution, and the massive injustice/inequity it represents. However, most of these same readers are not equally aware of the more-recent legaldevolution of our societies, which is now rapidly catching-up with our economic rape.

To be precise, the citizens(?) of our former democracies no longer have any rights, at all. This is easily proven, but first it is essential that readers understand what is meant by “a right”. The best way to illustrate this concept is via definition of terms, specifically the distinction between rights and privileges.

Many people use these two terms virtually interchangeably, but there is an enormously important principle which separates these two words and concepts.

True “rights” are inalienable. We are born with our human rights. They are not granted by government, since legally they exist above the level of our governments. Our governments cannot grant rights, thus neither can they take them away, except under limited circumstances, and always accompanied by due process (of law).

Contrast this with mere privileges. Governments can and do grant privileges, all the time. Privileges can be created through any simple act of legislation. Similarly, they can be revoked by the same political/administrative process. We have no legal claim to privileges – unlike our rights – and thus privileges can be (and are) revoked without due process.

Boiled down, privileges are revocable, rights are not. This brings us to our supposed human rights. Thanks to the mythological War on Terror, all of our rights have been stripped away from us. Again, this is easily illustrated.

All that is necessary to strip away the human rights of any individual member of our society is for some public official to point his finger at a target, and utter the magic word: “terrorist”. Instantly, the targeted individual is stripped of all their rights.

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