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Technical Indicators Expose We Are at the Edge of a Massive Global Financial Meltdown!

from The Money GPS:

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1 comment to Technical Indicators Expose We Are at the Edge of a Massive Global Financial Meltdown!

  • anon

    “Technical Indicators Expose We Are at the Edge of a Massive Global Financial Meltdown!”

    ???? I believe it. Every indicator is in alignment/agreement with that statement.

    So, what do we DO ABOUT IT? Something tells me it’s going to be awhile, before we are going to be able to “Make America Great Again” considering the way our country has been thoroughly TRASHED by every administration since Nov. 22, 1963. The corruption has reached a fever pitch that might have made even the most jaded Senators of the former Roman Empire blush. That’s where we are at.

    Having said all that. I’m not going to panic. I’m going to continue proceeding forward (cautiously) as I don’t have million$, billion$, or even TRILLION$ to protect me. I don’t know anyone or have any connections to anyone who prints fiat funny “money” for a living, so I won’t be getting any bailouts. Right now, I’d love to pick up a 100 oz. bar of Engelhard Silver in the original plastic, but, my Donald-Trump-business-sense tells me to wait until the crooks at the top of this piratical pyramidal ponzi-scheme (we call the “Fed” & the “global economy”) smash silver below $14 (again), which will lower my cost-per-ounce average at least $2.5 to $3 USD (FRN’s) per ounce. Do you not think “they” will HAMMER THE PRICE OF SILVER even lower, if “they” think “they” have to, to prop up the USD/FRN, as they’ve done apparently now for DECADES? I correctly predicted MONTHS ago, that “they” would take silver below $15 per ounce, and the did – recently. I’m still thinking that when the SHTF economically-speaking – there is NOTHING that these THIEVING MURDERERS at the top won’t do, to remain in power. Taking silver down to say, $9 per ounce would be a “walk in the park” for these sub-humans. Hell, they’ve already been talking about how easy it would be for a “terrorist” organization to NUKE an American city, with dirty nukes, right? So, if “they” are willing to do THAT, then certainly they will take the price of silver even lower than it is right now – if “they” feel “they” must. Remember, “ISIS” is “US-US”. But, hey, that’s probably not POLITICALLY CORRECT to say. Sorry if I offended any LIB-TARDS out there.

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