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The Strange ‘Coincidence’ of PRINCE’s Sudden Death & Blood Sacrifices to Ba’al

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Please note: I do not make any money off of my channel in any way. An ad was placed by RT on this video because I used a clip from RT Ruptly. This video is not profiting from Prince’s death. I believe that is very wrong. The video is meant to discuss the parallels of Prince’s death on the third day that the arch of triumph was erected in London (April-19-April 21).

The arch of triumph was introduced in London on April 19th (Prince died 1 day before Passover starts). The first night, it was lit up in blood red color. Simultaneously, the Empire State Building was also lit up in blood red color to “celebrate Donald Trump’s New York Primary Victory” or so they claimed. Remember, last August the Empire State had a giant image of Kali, the dark mother, beamed onto the side of it.

Prince’s death takes place on the third day that the arch of triumph stands in London.

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5 comments to The Strange ‘Coincidence’ of PRINCE’s Sudden Death & Blood Sacrifices to Ba’al

  • KRELL427

    This was one contract Prince could not get out of.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    There is nothing strange about a drug addict dieing from an overdose.

    Prince’s plane had to make an emergency stop because he needed medical attention.

    The local hospital administered what is called a “Save-Shot”. Those are ANTI OVERDOSE shots with a chemical that instantly counteracts SOME of the affects of an opiate overdose, but it does NOT removes the Opiates from the system. They are STILL in your body the same length of time as normal.

    IT also creates something of an instant bunch of Withdrawal symptoms. Prince was advised to stay for 24 hours for “observation” but could not get a “Private room”, so after about 3 hours, he continued to his home.

    Once at home, he died. Most likely, he was NOT enjoying his instant “come down” from the “Save shot”, and even though the previous OVER DOSE of Opiates were STILL in his system, he was not “feeling them”, and most likely decided he need to do a bit of a “Top-Up” shot to make himself feel “better” from the withdrawals.

    Adding a TOP-UP dose, on top of the previous dose, he truly became “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.”

    He partied like it was 1929, and then the Big Depression Crash Arrived.

    The End.

  • Trespass Unwanted

    Wow so much information without really knowing anything.

    The rest of us know drugs can be inserted into someone’s body and it doesn’t have to be through the mouth.

    People know of devices that leave only a pin prick and cause the effects of a drug or alcohol overdose.

    The rest believe the media, or what was released from ‘purportedly private’ medical records, since he’s dead no privacy needed, huh?

    Remember when doctors would tell people they can’t find anything wrong with them?
    Yet so soon they figured it was an overdose?

    Maybe he left after 3 hours because the hospital is too open and there is no real security to protect him in any other room. Maybe.

    What we should know, is we don’t know.
    Taking his age and subtracting it from the Queen’s age yield’s the number 33.
    Is that something, or nothing? We don’t know.

    But let’s see how someone posts about the demise of the people who got all their information off the internet or t.v., and consider it research into what really happened.

    Prince may know what happened.
    Some witnesses cannot talk if they can’t be around to be the witness, can they?

  • glitter 1

    It is true about the Illuminati and it’s control of Hollywood and the Music Industry. Listen the John Todd from the early eighties as he exposes the control that is wielded in these and other areas.John Todd was a generational member of the Grand Druid “Council Of Thirteen”,which is the highest power structure in this country and elsewhere.They control everything,i.e. politicians,universities,Banks,all levels of government,churches and professions.Invest some time and learn about what is hidden in plain sight,oh and disregard the debunkers on the page,they will go to great lengths to undo the damage that John inflicted back then.,ssl&ei=DtkaV6PNLurb6QScy7HIBA#q=john+todd+youtube

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