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Bill Holter from JS Mineset is back to discuss the current state of global economic affairs, and I have one simple question for him. Where is the collapse!?

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89 comments to SO, WHERE IS THE COLLAPSE? — Bill Holter

  • fonestar

    The only thing more under-owned than silver is Bitcoin. As the reality of the collapse becomes apparent to even the dullest of sheep, I expect Bitcoin to go parabolic and make its 2013 rally look tame in comparison.

  • Eric

    Good to hear from Bill.

    The only things more under-owned than silver is food, gold, real skills and real friends.

    Note – A debt security with a maturity longer than one year but less than 10 years. Because of many investors’ aversion to long-term investments, notes are becoming more prominent benchmarks of the bond market. A prominent example is the 10-year Treasury note.

  • Allender

    Whipping a dead horse is one thing; thinking that Bitcoin is an actual store of value, well, whip away, Phony star.

    In terms of “counterparty risk”…could there be more of such risk than something essentially from nothing that is dead when what should have already happened, happens.

    Power grid…and all that lives upon it—Gone in the wink of a NWO false-flag wink.

    Everything comes down to something you can hold in your hand…until they pry it from your cold, dead flesh. And they will—unless enough of us serfs stop punching the snooze button.

    The ruling cabal will false-flag the power grid (Muzzzlim TERRORISTS–AAAAAA!), blame it on Russia/Iran/China/North Korea…the usual suspects, and Bitcoin will be bits of bad memory on all the dead memory cards.

    Precious metals are the ultimate anchor to stall this fiat nightmare of money from nothing, chicks and coke for free, and reaching far into the future with…DEBT.

    Good luck on that Bitcookie…electronic stuff.

    Reality is overdue to hit, hard. The longer it takes, harder the hit.

    • fonestar

      No, nice fantasy though. The NWO can’t nuke the entire world’s power grid… stupid idea. And “electronic stuff” is reality, deal with it or seek help.

  • Mike

    Allender, you think the NWO will false flag the grid of the entire globe? Bit coin is global. The US makes up only 10% or less of daily transaction value. Turning off power in the USA won’t stop bitcoin. Besides, the NWO nerds electricity to keep all their mind control devices working (t.v., smartphones. Etc).

    • Eric

      It’s all built on trust. The question should be how much trust will exist in digital cryptocurrency when the fiat system fails?

    • Allender

      Hey, Mike, population and transaction stats are irrelevant.

      Perhaps the core question is: Does Bitcoin threaten the Cabal’s control of global “money” (Rothschild central banking—blanketing of debt contrived from nothing but human gullibility, and psychopaths in control…controlling the planet).

      They have so abused the self-ordained privilege/monopoly of transferring wealth ever upward that their prey is beginning to stir. Bitcoin is a clever way of shucking many controls of the ordained—many pretty things about Bitcoin. But there’s a mortal problem. The ordained could end Bitcoin like pinching a bud from a rose bush called, Smell of Hope.

    • Ed_B

      Whether bitcoin is stopped or not may not be relevant to those whose wealth is stored in this crypto-currency when the SHTF and power is lost. No, there wealth is not destroyed but they might be because they have no access to it.

      But, like most money systems, bitcoin relies on faith… just the same as any fiat money system. Some of us will choose to have that level of faith and some will not. Neither of which makes any of us bad people. It’s simply a choice… OUR personal choice… and right or wrong, it really isn’t any of anyone else’s business. But, whatever the outcome of owning or not owning any particular asset, WE who made the choice of whether to own or not own it, DO own the choice and will have to live with the result. So, friends… choose WISELY, whichever way you decide to go.

    • Ed_B

      OMG, Eric… I am gonna have nightmares about this! >:-O

      Really… there ARE things that are just too horrible to view… and this IS one of them!

      • Eric

        Truth is uncomfortable Ed.

        But perhaps you are right. There probably aren’t too many here who know any Hillary supporters. I just thought this video demonstrated the psychopathic nature of the she devil fairly well.

        • Ed_B

          Yes, it does, but as you say, this is not a secret among those who frequent this site.

          Truth is uncomfortable? Not really. It might seem that way when it conflicts with our beliefs but then that should be a signal that our beliefs need to be re-examined. This is not discomfort, IMO, but a wake-up call to which we all need pay attention.

          I always write about Hellery when on this and other web sites because she truly is a demon from hell in human guise. Should she manage to become president of the US, it will be a truly horrific thing for this country and for our fellow citizens. Those who stupidly vote for this demon will be damning themselves, our country, and all of us to more social, physical, political, and spiritual pain than they can possibly imagine. But those of us who are Awake And Aware know full well the measure of this beast and what its presence amongst us will mean. If the US military does not step in and stop her, they will have lost 100% of my confidence in them. Yes, I know that We the People should be doing this but should we fail to meet this challenge, they they WILL be our last hope… unless God Himself decides to step in and cast her and her ilk down in well-earned and well-deserved flaming ruin. Well, one can always hope that this will occur IF truly needed.

  • Troy

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…We are in a collapse, its in slow motion. We will not see an overnight or a rapid collapse in the U.S. dollar. Lets say in the year 2030, minimum wage may be $18 or $20 per hour, factory workers may get $25 starting…but be fairly poor. The only words of wisdom I can offer is buy a place..or build…a place in the country, learn how to raise animals, grow food, and get have zero debt including your home/property. That’s the way I live right now. I have learned more from older country folks than anyone else. You learn a lot in 70 and 80 years living a country live.

    • Ed_B

      “You learn a lot in 70 and 80 years living a country live.”

      That you do, Troy. Wisdom is the ability to learn from others without having had their experiences first. My grand parents were poorly educated but very knowledgeable about farming, gardening, raising animals, and home repairs of all kinds. I learned a great deal from them over the years, simply by listening and then asking a few questions. They were always happy to talk about what they had done or where they had been. Experience like that in the 1920s-1950s is not easy to come by.

      Few of the young people today seem interested in tapping into this kind of family experience. Most are too busy or too self-absorbed to pay attention. If something isn’t electronic, they have no interest in it. It’s a pity that so few of them will survive when the SHTF because they have zero basic skills. Start a fire without matches? Not a clue. Repair a vehicle? No way. Raise a garden? What? Load, aim, and fire a rifle, pistol, or shotgun accurately? Pitiful.

  • KRELL427

    Thanks Sean great interview,I really enjoy the sincerity of your questioning. Good timing having Bill on I just signed up to their premium site last night. While I have no question that the western system is collapsing right before our very eyes I have to say I am having a bittersweet feel to it. I work for a company that produces injection molding systems for the food packaging industry, were acquired by a large Korean company 1.5 years ago. Since then watching our order volumes increase and the capital expenditures they are putting into our facility is very positive to witness as an employee. I will be going back to a Catherine Austin Fitts interview where she talks about the emerging economy 3.0 as she put it while the economy 2.0 is dying out. We definitely are living in interesting times.

  • glitter 1

    Taking from the Mark Dice videos relative to the average Joe/Jane’s knowledge of Silver as money and it’s value,maybe not 1-2%(one in several thousand) know anything about Silver or Gold for that matter.That tells me that close to 0% know or care anything about Bitcoin.Very small percentages of the population even have a passing thought on the subject,that’s why a Bank Holiday/Lockup will take the majority by complete surprise and will result in mass confusion/chaos.It’s not a question of if,but only when it happens.Remember,it’s not the stock market that will necessarily reveal the problem(s),it will be a Derivative Failure,which is an unseen market.I’m of the opinion that we are just one spark(read:false Flag)away from a failure/panic,remember what happened with 9/11 and the Markets subsequently shutting down.

    • Ed_B

      My thought is that bitcoin appeals to the so-called Millennials because it is electronic in nature. They like Apple Pay, PayPal, and other electronic payment systems, so bitcoin seems a natural for them. Those of us with more experience recognize the flaws in these systems and how easily they can be exploited by those who seek to cheat and rob others. We don’t know whether or not this will occur but the odds seem to favor it. Anything that can be manipulated for gain WILL be… and some of these payment systems seem ripe for the plucking.

  • Eric

    I like the guys at 5:45.

  • Millicent

    Dial 1-800-$19.99 and we’ll give you the exact date of the collapse. Sure Bill & Jim…I will not be holding my breath.

  • James

    Bitcoin block chain problem already makes it unusable for small and quick purchases. The size is already 15GB and it will only grow. There is no future for it without some kind of reform. But reform means the end of It as we know it today and beginning of something new, which may not be so decentralized anymore. It was a nice try but failure was built in to it. I wonder when people talk about Bitcoin, do they even know how it works?

  • KRELL427

    North West Territorial Mint not refunding 100 to 200 customers of its orders for silver and gold:
    (courtesy Chanel 5 News/Seattle)

    FEDERAL WAY, WASH. – The owner of a large gold and silver mint based in Federal Way admits he owes money to 100 to 200 customers all over the country.

    Ross Hansen, owner of Northwest Territorial Mint, says he has not delivered products or refunded money to those customers even when they demanded it.

    Northwest Territorial Mint is one of the largest private gold and silver mints in the country.

    One of those unhappy customers is Kelly Clifton, who runs a small ministry in Sultan.

    Clifton ordered $6,000 worth of gold bullion in February from a small inheritance. A few weeks later, while still waiting for the gold, she says she asked for a refund. The company gave her half, she says.

    “The rest of it, we were told, we may get or we may not get,” said Clifton.

    Other customers have similar complaints.

    Hansen told KING 5 he is not selling products or refunding money because he lost a $38 million defamation lawsuit in Nevada.

  • KRELL427

    Bitcoin transactions could consume as much energy as Denmark by the year 2020

  • gold and silver SmackDown right on cue these fuckers are getting rich by letting them rally and then smacking them down and then buying back on the cheap! although it’s paper contracts they’re still making tons of Fiat which they can turn into physicalI don’t think the manipulation will ever end.

    • Eric

      No farm jobs and unemployment report not good enough to hold the risk on trade.

      Use it to your advantage and add to your stack.

      It will end when there is a failure to deliver and not before then.

      • Howard Roark

        Speaking of failure to deliver…

        FEDERAL WAY, WASH. – The owner of a large gold and silver mint based in Federal Way admits he owes money to 100 to 200 customers all over the country.

        Ross Hansen, owner of Northwest Territorial Mint, says he has not delivered products or refunded money to those customers even when they demanded it.

        Northwest Territorial Mint is one of the largest private gold and silver mints in the country.

        One of those unhappy customers is Kelly Clifton, who runs a small ministry in Sultan.

        Clifton ordered $6,000 worth of gold bullion in February from a small inheritance. A few weeks later, while still waiting for the gold, she says she asked for a refund. The company gave her half, she says.

        “The rest of it, we were told, we may get or we may not get,” said Clifton.

        Other customers have similar complaints.

        Hansen told KING 5 he is not selling products or refunding money because he lost a $38 million defamation lawsuit in Nevada.

    • Ed_B

      For the manipulation to work, they MUST be able to maintain the fiction that futures contracts for physical gold and silver delivery WILL be honored. While only about 1.5% of those who buy these futures contracts stand for delivery and take possession of physical metals, a surge in the number of people doing this WILL bust the manipulation game via reducing their metals holdings so low that they cannot guarantee to deliver metal on demand. Once that happens, all manner of weird things will occur. One of them will be the emergence of physical metals exchanges that ONLY deal in the buying and selling of precious metals and not in futures contracts, derivatives, or any other financial engineering nonsense. Money will always flow to where it is best treated. When the money no longer flows to the NYC, London, and Chicago bullion markets it will be game over for them. A second thing of significance will be when the BRICS countries assume their rightful position as the market makers in gold and silver. They will set the prices because they will own most of the gold and silver. Those who have a thing get to set the price for that thing… but the thing is, whatever price they set, they MUST be willing to buy AND sell at that price. If not, then it is not a true price. A great clue to this would be if we could know the price at which the Chinese would sell some of their gold bullion. If we knew that, we would know what the true price of gold should be but currently isn’t. My guess is that gold would be priced MUCH higher in a free market which has true price discovery. Silver would be pulled higher by this, so would also be much higher in price.

    • Johny Comelately

      That’s an old video. While it’s true that Jim Sinclair has family ties to the elites and helped liquidate the Hunt Brother’s silver, I think he’s on our side.

      1. For the past couple of years Jim calls silver “gold on steroids.”
      2. He writes blog posts on things you need to do to prepare.
      3. He’s used his talents to help set up the SGX, which will help re-establish physical price discovery.
      4. Jim is very candid. He doesn’t hide his family roots and he said in a Greg Hunter interview that he was “told” the price of gold will go up to $50,000+
      5. I see Jim as a very sincere man who is out trying to warn the everyday person of things he knows will come.

      Listen to all, follow none.

      • Ed_B

        “… in a Greg Hunter interview that he was “told” the price of gold will go up to $50,000+”

        Was there any mention of who told him this?

        • Eric

          I believe if one goes back to the interview he is referring to, Jim didn’t say he was told the price will go to $50,000/oz but that it COULD go to $50,000/oz.

          Unless it was a different interview that I didn’t see.

  • Kakistocracy

    Please GOD let the shit show begin.
    The longer this keeps limping along, the more we will all suffer.
    I grow tired of waiting for my demise.
    Kindly bring it.
    Let us be done with the pretense.
    Time to fight.

  • dcm

    in his own words -

  • dcm

    if you have listened to Jim’s interview ( which he out lines his belief in “inself” this is core of Kabbalah , from a Christian perspective this is identified as satanic or anti Christ

    • Did not “the Christ” travel Eastward for the majority of his formative years? Are not the Mason and the Carpenter both builders, and was not “the Christ” the chief cornerstone the builder refused? “As above, so below?”

      “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”
      -The Gospel of Thomas

      In his 33 (hint hint) years on this Earth, “the Christ” said no such thing about Kabbalah being “Satanic” or “anti-Christ.” Kabbalah/Qabalah is an esoteric philosophy of great philosophical importance, and the appearance of the Sephiroth in all world religions as well as their more shrouded counterparts is demonstrative of all such places of “worship” being touched by the Mysteries.

      To view the Sephiroth in the fashion of an evildoer or “dark occultist” would be to view it from the fashion of linear growth – a process of transcending the material and attaining “godhood,” the conquering of “Heaven.” Clearly, this is your predisposed assumption about Kabbalah, and again, this is a perspective that many Christians and “Satanists” alike hold dear – the spiritual paradigm depends on it.

      Have you ever considered the Sephiroth “as it is above” as opposed to your morose and doctrinaire interpretation? As a process for channeling the Divine to the material realm, or “doing God’s work?”

      Kabbalah is merely a tool – start from the roots, it creates hierarchical control. Start from the Divine, and it’s a road map on how to utilize the logical faculties and the rational mind. One undoes the other. “As above, so below.” Only human beings, among all “God’s” creatures, are capable of these feats, and only humans, among all sentient life on the planet, have the Sephiroth hard-coded into their anatomy. It’s with you always, whether your like it or not.

      Sinclair is doubtlessly, if only from the perspective of a forensic historian, an untrustworthy figure in our midst. Perhaps he’s also infected with the darker interpretations of Kabbalah, though the video you’ve posted is not evidence of this. There’s a lot more to Kabbalah than your current worldview affords.

      • Eric


        You should have been here to talk to the Jehovah’s witnesses that came to my door again today. It’s always different people. I talked to them for a while. Told her about the Companion Bible, the Nag Hammadi, the Apocrypha, the book of Thomas, etc. Her head just bobbled. Then said I have a very different take on all this that you did and basically left it at that. I said she could come back if she wants to discuss it more and took her pamphlet, wrote many notes and references on it to research, and plan on giving it back to her if she returns.

        My patience with people is running very dry these days. I’m finding it more and more difficult to discuss anything with anyone. What I found the most shocking was how her literature states that “the Kingdom (of God) is a world government, and through it God will express his rightful sovereignty over mankind.”

        How do I even talk to someone like this? It’s easy on here typing, but it’s not so easy in person. Where is Gnostic?

        • Ed_B

          About 50 years ago, we had Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to our door on a weekly basis. After politely telling them that we had our own branch of faith and were not interested in theirs, my Dad finally gave up and told the next pair who came to our door that, “We follow the Koran here”. Both of these ladies took a step back at this and one of them actually hissed at him. They scurried away and none ever returned. Dad just shrugged and said, “Well, that’s that” and went back to reading a book. He was a creative and practical man.

  • William

    I have lost, for me, an enormous amount of money in Tanzania Royalty. Now with the force majure this is the prelude to the company going out of business. I listened to Mr. Gold over and over and kept the shares trying to support his position to turn the company around. In the end, the stock will be worthless.

    All of these people are selling something – – newsletter, website advertisement, seminars, etc., etc., etc. They are the only ones making money. You hear the same nonsense – – I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but trust me – – the system is going to collapse.

    So, the government is going to let you transfer all of your gold and silver holdings to the “new system” in whole. Sure they will. You don’t think they will impose a tax to take a significant portion of this transferred wealth back from you. They make the rules and they will make them for this “reset” – – meaning they are going to win and you are going to do what they tell you.

    • Millicent

      William, you have a more realistic viewpoint then most of the posters here…

      There is the ideal and then there is the real world we live in.

      The PTB want you sitting at home stacking your bullets, beans and PM’s… it keeps you off the streets and protesting which where we all should be.

      The only way we are going to rid ourselves of these a-holes is to force their hand and yes, some will lose their lives in the effort.

    • Gerald

      I tend to agree William. And if we ever see silver and gold go close to where it was at its high,I think you will see the market flooded with both metals.People are just waiting for the right price.Of course,if we have hyper inflation,then that would not be true.I am waiting to unload 500 maples as soon as I can break even,and it looks like never.I do plan to keep my ‘junk’silver just in case!!!!!

    • GoldTooth999

      Perhaps your luck and portfolio will change for the better in the next quarter and at least reach the point of breakeven. Do you have at least $119 until then? The baby bull market in mining shares is starting to grow some strong legs. However, TR looks to be stuck in penny stock purgatory. Perhaps Mr. Gold performs best under immense pressure and will manage a great turnaround by next year. Many doubters did bet against the old hat and lost a great deal of fortune in the late 70s. Mr. Gold seems to perform at his very best at crunch time.

  • Jacobson

    The collapse is here folks,
    It hasn’t reach you yet so you probably can’t “feel” it.

    I don’t know how it will look like in u.s but here in the middle east, the most important things to have are: a strong tribe, water and guns.

      • Eric

        Jacob, you should get one of these.

        Israelis should have a lot of leftover thermite from 9/11.

        • Jacobson

          Eric, can you find the similarity in both videos ?
          The first from Paris, the second from Jerusalem.
          The answer: Allahu Akbar!

          • Eric

            Yes but how did they get all the way up into Paris? That is a long way from North Africa. Israel is much closer. It would be easier and much more efficient if Israelis would stop being so racist and support multiculturalism in Israel rather than try to force it on europeans. Do you really need a barrier wall to keep out the love?


            • Jacobson

              Open the map boy, North Africa is much closer to Europe !
              The main sea routes are from Morroco to Spain and from Libya to Italy.

              It is an american expression who says “good walls make good neighbours” ah?
              You got walls on the Mexican border, and as far as I see here, most of you want to stop the “illegals”, although they are natives and you are the immigrants.

              • Eric

                You’re right. I should have said that Paris is a long ways from Libya and Syria. Israel is much closer. And yet strangely they will not help the millions of refugees suffering from the proxy army of zionists called ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service).

                They are illegal. They are native to mexico or central america, not to the uninhabited land explored by europeans when the USA was founded. Mexico has a wall on it’s southern border, but we don’t. Plus the jews give them free healthcare, education, housing, food stamps paid for by us. More shekels Israel steals out of my pocket.

                The wall on the US/mexico border is a joke and incomplete. Besides it’s not like Mexico is a giant concentration camp like Israel has created in the Gaza strip. Besides, aren’t the Palestinians the real semites and the “natives?” Not the khazarian ashkeNAZIs that blackmailed Britain into giving them the land of Palestine and renaming it Satan’s playground (Israel).

                Do you even have a mirror or does it always shatter when you look into it?

                • Eric

                  Just wondering, but how many people cross into Israel each year without going through some kind of immigration checkpoint?

                • Jacobson

                  Wow Eric, can’t you read a map ?!

                  Anyone can see how Libya is closer to France, and the corridor from Syria north-east into Europe.
                  A Syrian refugee would prefer crossing to Turkey which is a muslim country, or cross into East Europe and proceed with the winds.
                  Israel right now have 200,000 “refugees” (illegals) from Sudan and Erithrea.
                  Syrians don’t want to go small Israel, they want the luxury of Europe…

                  In the area U.S.A was founded there were many indigenous people, they were enslaved and killed, by your founding fathers.
                  Andrew Jackson is an example, he said “I killed the bank” beacuse he didn’t want the history to judge him for the divide and murder he made for the natives, and the slaves he had at his farm.

                • Eric

                  And how many palestinians children died from white phosphorous in 2008 and 2014 in Gaza?

                  At least Andrew Jackson was born in America. Not that you know anything about him.

                  David Ben-Gurion was born in Poland for Christ’s sake!

              • Howard Roark

                I have to fly to Tel Aviv for a client in June, would love to meet you for lunch Jacobson. Could you pick me up at the airport and show me around?

              • Howard Roark

                Jacobson?? Can I count on you?

    • KRELL427

      Jacobson we need to have flags beside are names,hard to tell where people are from,Thank you for your perspective

  • Eric

    Listening to this again. Good reminder.

    Most people can’t think.

    • Howard Roark

      Wow, not even FACTUALLY correct news feeds from RT or LiveLeak are permitted on SGTreport comments if they show jew savagery…gratz Peter, you’ll do well in the new order…

  • Hugo

    Great interview. The part of the Zoellick was especially interesting. I did miss the part that mr Zoellick is in favor of using gold as an ankor to the nonetary system and not a gold standard. From 2010 when mr Zoellick was still head of the World Bank

    The only thing I agree with mr Keynes about is that the gold standard (price fixing thus) is a relic.

    Regards, Hugo

    • Eric

      He mentions gold as an “indicator.” Not an anchor.

      “The system should also consider employing gold as an international reference point of market expectations about inflation, deflation and future currency values,” he added.

      But I would still wonder how will this return trust to markets when investors are still well aware that there is no fair price discovery?

      Historically the Gold supply has always increased at the same rate as population growth. 2% I think it was. If we had stayed on a Gold standard, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

      Should be interesting to see how this gets fixed. Higher Gold prices with direct convertibility I imagine.

      Thanks for the link Hugo.

  • Buzz

    Oh, please people, don’t fall for the false dichotomy … Clinton is bad, so the other side, Trump (or Sanders) must be good … this is a set-up … both sides (all major candidates) are bought and paid for!!
    PS. Clinton and Trump, best of friends?

  • Trespass Unwanted

    The only way to be like George Soros is not buy physical.
    He knows a reason to not own it, not store it, not deal with it.
    I don’t have any. I don’t care.
    My lot in life just doesn’t include that desire and I’m not going to
    go against what doesn’t resonate with me.

    I would say he knows a reason to own paper over physical but this is
    not the place to discuss that, because this is a physical venue and
    those that have it, I am happy you do.

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