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SIG SAUER P227 Unboxing & Initial Thoughts

from DEMCAD:

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1 comment to SIG SAUER P227 Unboxing & Initial Thoughts

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I love the ergonomics of 2 guns.

    The Browning HiPower, and the old, WW2, German P38. The Browning is less complicated for field stripping and a real joy to hold & shoot, and is much less bulky than many other “full sized” automatics. The grip dimensions of the HiPower, also fit a smaller hand very well, but is equally at home in larger hands (and has a 13 round magazine.)

    (The German Luger is pretty cool TOO, as the action in motion, actually helps to counter-act recoil and muzzle rise.)

    Never really liked the 1911, as it feels like I’m trying to shoot something that is the shape of a BOOK made of iron.

    And I have an appreciation for many of the Pachmayr grips.

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