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Seattle to Be Sprayed With GMO Bacteria, Agency Warns “Stay Inside After the Spray”

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

What’s that being sprayed in the skies?

Residents living in Western Washington are about to be doused with a bacteria called Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), as a government agency attempts to control gypsy moths who plague agriculture in the area.

It has many people alarmed at the use of the genetically modified pesticide in the area where they live and breathe.

KOMO News in Seattle reports:

A controversial pesticide program will be underway Saturday in Pierce County.

“Once [the troubling gypsy moth] become established it becomes very difficult to do anything that slows it down,” said Hector Castro, spokesperson for the Washington State Department of Agriculture. “We don’t want it to become established at all in Washington State.”

[…] Saturday the state will start spraying seven areas in Western Washington with a pesticide called Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki or Btk.

As Your News Wire points out, this insecticide has been genetically engineered by leading biotech firms specifically for use on GMO crops:

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7 comments to Seattle to Be Sprayed With GMO Bacteria, Agency Warns “Stay Inside After the Spray”

  • CalSailX

    This crap is just fucking retarded! My god who the hell didn’t look at the control attempts costing millions of dollars?

    • CalSailX

      Please before you to full retard at least look at what the attempts at control in Michigan got us.

      • Sayldog

        It saved us a hell-a-lotta forest. For sure.

        Article states “As Your News Wire points out, this insecticide has been genetically engineered…”
        No, that article does NOT state that. And any belief that the comment is true in any case would be incorrect.
        BtK is NOT a genetically modified organism, but is a naturally occurring bacteria.

        The risk is nil, the benefits of saving virtually entire hardwood forests great.

        This article is true fear porn from the ignorant to the gullible. Mac should be ashamed for taking an article from someplace that knows nothing and citing it in another article that is used to misinform for the purpose of getting clicks. Total bullshit. “Lying Ted Cruz” has nothing on these guys. I’ve come to expect that lack of due diligence from SHTFPlan. I forgive SGTReport for running it because it wasn’t an original and “they report, you decide.”

  • tomche

    It’s all spiraling out of control. The “sheeple” are about ready for “the great culling”…and the elites are having
    Can’t you feel it? I can. Everything is speeding up…do your best to get off the merry-go-round before it’s too late…

  • tomche

    I meant to say that the elites are having a field day with the masses…it’s just too damn easy….

  • CalSailX

    Oops… forget science just believe! Even if you can’t reproduce the effect… don’t worry he has a Phd.. it must be true. If it wasn’t we might one day have to slay him, Karma come home!

  • Sayldog

    Better information in the comments section of the original SHTFPlan article.

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