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Sanders Supporters Just Filed A Lawsuit Against Bill Clinton For Election Fraud

from True Activist:

Supporters of Bernie Sanders in Massachusetts have officially filed a lawsuit against Bill Clinton for engaging in illegal activities on the day of the Massachusetts primary to help his wife win the state.

A group called MA Sanders Voters and Volunteers Disenfranchised by Bill Clinton filed the lawsuit after gathering evidence against the former president to use in their case, alleging that he illegally campaigned at polling stations, sometimes even going inside.

The MA Secretary of State Galvin was seen posing with Clinton and chatting with him at one event and defended him by saying his presence was totally legal because he wasn’t saying “vote for Hillary” or anything of the sort.

The lawsuit addressed this and said that this notion is “beyond absurd,” as “his very person, the presidential candidate’s fabulously famous husband, amounts to a walking, talking sign for Hillary.”

Additionally, there is video footage of Clinton saying into a microphone, “I especially thank those of you who are supporting Hillary.” He also called himself “the husband of a soon-to-be great president,” to which some of the crowd cheers.

Massachusetts law states that no one may campaign for any candidate within 150 feet of a polling station, but Clinton was documented through videos and photos as having even entered the premises. The lawsuit points out that in another video, Clinton apologized to the audience for being so hoarse because he had been campaigning all day.

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