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PV (solar) Direct Fan

from engineer775PracticalPreppers:

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  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I don’t like the idea of NOT putting the power output through a “charge controller” (which is a fancy word for a VOLTAGE regulator.) Over voltages can BURN out appliances, etc.

    You can also do such things as a WATER PUMP. There are LOW amperage and DC voltage DEEP well pumps (but those are expensive). You can also run a simple IRRIGATION pump for your garden.

    Run a fridge, deep freezer, run a laptop. And if you actually hook up a Deep Cycle (R/V) battery, then you can have more constant, reliable power, and can even run an INVERTER to operate those 120vac items as long as they are NOT too big for the inverter to handle.

    I’ve got an air compressor that can operate from my 400 watt inverter, and I can operate my 3/8″ electric drill, orbital sander from that little inverter.

    Forget about running a circular saw (those are energy hogs and will probably need a 1500 watt inverter, or bigger.) Don’t forget, the START UP SURGE consumption of MOTORS, can often be 4X, or HIGHER. It’s only for about 1/2 second, but it’s enough to burn out an inverter that is not “sized” for that kind of surge.

    (Typical inverters, whatever the rating, even the CHEAP ones will give you 2X surge for a short time.) So a 1500w “rated” inverter, can handle a 3000w surge for the startup.

    To run a 700w A/C unit? (from 6000-7000 BTU’s) You’ll need, no less than 1,000 watts of solar panels, charge controller, inverter, & battery. But the GOOD news, is that you can buy those panels, for as cheap (1000 watts) for about $1,000 (sometimes cheaper, sometimes more).

    In MOST places in the USA, during the HOT summer months, you can get an AVERAGE (sunny & cloudy, even rainy days, all averaged together), of about 6 hours per day of full output.

    Rainy days? ZERO. Sunny days? More than 6 hours. Got it? Winter average? About 2 or 3 hours.

    Consider, that for people on a breathing machine (oxygen concentrator, CPAP, etc) having one of these systems can SAVE a LIFE.

    People with Asthma, COPD, other lung problems, will need A/C in the summer, and perhaps an AIR FILTER.

    Using a WOOD BURNING stove in the winter, you could use a simple FAN to push the warm air into other parts of the house.

    Even having a SMALL system, just to operate some LIFE saving item, is a VERY good idea. Even if YOU don’t need such things right now, you may not be so healthy in the future. The life you save, may be your own.

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