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Prepare For Market Shock And Awe: Three Ways To Take Advantage Of The Coming Silver Surge

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Mass layoffs and closures aren’t just a phenomenon in the oil industry. In a new micro-documentary from Future Money Trends trend analyst Daniel Ameduri explains that anemic economic demand has driven major mining companies around the globe to reduce operations in the mining of copper, zinc and other base metals. And because these operations are responsible for the secondary mining of one of the world’s most necessary precious metals, as mines close their doors we will see a massive supply crunch in silver.

Coupled with silver’s demand as a hedge against monetary instability, Ameduri says silver is set to rise to $100 per ounce or more over the next 24 months.

Those who understand that economic calamity is set to pillage wealth across the globe once again can take advantage of this opportunity and not only protect their assets, but grow them significantly. In the following must-see video you’ll learn why core fundamentals and investor psychology will drive silver to new highs, as well as three strategies you can implement now to take advantage of the market shock and awe to follow:

When you look at the driver for demand… industrial and monetary… it is only going to increase dramatically between now and 2020… The equation is simple for prudent investors. Silver supply over the next two to three years could decline dramatically. And in all likelihood physical demand is going to hit records.

(Watch at Youtube)

With around 800 million ounces being mined yearly and over one billion ounces in demand, precious metals and silver specifically could see monstrous gains in an environment where everything else is wiped out.

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3 comments to Prepare For Market Shock And Awe: Three Ways To Take Advantage Of The Coming Silver Surge

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    From $15 to $100, I think there are 2 likely paths.

    1. Under these “normal” conditions, I expect the climb to $100 silver to be slow and painful, and then the next $300 on top of that, to happen faster than the climb to the first $100.

    2. BUT, if there should be a “bank holiday”, or some other VOMIT EVENT where things blow up behind the curtains, then the climb from $15 up to $100 could happen in less than a week.

    In either case, I do expect silver to remain at $100, only for a short time, before things really heat up.

    Check List. Silver? X
    ………..Pantry? X
    ………..Ammo? X
    ……….Patience? Getting thin, but happy to be able to stack more at these prices. 🙂


  • minutemn

    Craig, are you going to be looking at past indicators hinting when to get out of silver? Mike Maloney talks about several of them in his videos (i.e., Ag : DJI ratio, Ag : Au ratio, median home price : Ag, etc). We need to be looking at an exit strategy in my honest opinion. This upcoming bull market in silver, won’t last forever. What are your thoguhts?

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      You are absolutely correct that I will be trying to watch the “indicators” showing when it’s time to get out of PM’s at the top, and start moving my “wealth” into things that will be the next “wealth preservative” that will be increasing while the PM values are decreasing in comparison.

      Yes, I have seen Mike Maloney videos that talks about some of those indicators. It’s good to know that times and assets can and do change from time to time. It’s never good to get stuck into some idea that things will never change.

      I have a buddy, who believes his “Vanguard mutual funds” have been good for 30 years and will always be good. He’s right about his own past experience, but he has no desire to see the signs of things that will change his wealth in the paper markets.

      I was LUCKY to get badly “burned” in those “paper markets” twice in my life, and got angry enough to find out WHAT was happening, who predicted it, and what should I be looking at for future signals.

      Now I’m quite awake & aware to what is happening, despite the way the main stream media is part of the problem.

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