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POLICE STATE USA: This Is How FEMA Trains Texas Police To Deal With Riots, Conduct Mass Arrests

from Zero Hedge:

Last summer the state of Texas was ablaze over concerns surrounding the Jade Helm military drills held across the state prompted some to speculate that the Federal government was preparing for either a local insurrection, secession planning contencies for the Lone Star state or even a “Texas takeover.”

Similar confusion returned earlier this week when dozens of McLennan Community College students posed as unruly protesters as part of a Federal Emergency Management Agency training program. This “first of its kind” three day exercise in Waco, Texas was overseen by the Department of Homeland Security, during which police officers from fifteen different departments took part in drills on how to deal with riots and conduct mass arrests.”


Officers from the Waco Police Department, McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, Killeen Police Department, Lorena Police Department, DeSoto Police Department and troopers with the Texas Department of Public Safety, among others, participated in the three-day training program.


As Waco Tribune reports, citing training coordinator Jay Fonville, “this type of training has never been in Texas before.”


This sparked questions: if it was “never held before” why is it being held now? Fonville’s answer “we are here to protect people — protect protesters and protect law enforcement officers” adding that “this was very beneficial to get this kind of training here, especially in Central Texas, and for so many officers to have access to it.”


Others chimed in: “Riots are hard to detain, and as little officers as they have they are probably going to be outnumbered most of the time. It’s vital that they get it correct the first time,” Criminal Justice major Dylan Solis told KCEN-TV.


Area agencies sent 61 officers to the program at MCC’s Emergency Services Education Center for the course that started Monday and finished Wednesday, training coordinator Jay Fonville said.

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1 comment to POLICE STATE USA: This Is How FEMA Trains Texas Police To Deal With Riots, Conduct Mass Arrests

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I often check stories for the COMMENTS SECTION to see what insights they can add, and a few commentors on ZH added a few good ones to this story.

    One person commented that the condensed STRAIGHT line of “Police” would be a target rich environment for an I.E.D. (Wow. it’s true, one little bomb, or Claymore would take out the entire bunch with one big bang.)

    Another commentor, said the drill was NOT at all “realistic” because the “protesters” were all WHITE. Hahahaha. Yep, in a REAL situation, I think that most of the protesters will be black, and a lot of them won’t play so nice. The pistols will come out and there will be a lot of shots fired, as well as “Drive-by shootings” from the Peanut Gallery.

    Best advice anybody can follow, is that when there are large crowds, (even the “peaceful crowds”), STAY AWAY. TPTB always hate big crowds that they don’t control, and often, will TAKE control. Don’t hang around to “document” it, view it, etc, because you can expect to get corralled up in the net.

    Just thinking out loud here, wondering if something like this would be effective in real life, or just be fun for a Hollywood movie script…..

    …… but with all those “police” in a nice straight line, what would happen if somebody dumped a few gallons mixture of Liquid Laundry detergent & slippery OiL on the street to make those boots very slippery? Would the police fall down a lot?

    Too bad a clever protester group, could NOT get a hold of some large quantities of that really sticky glue they use on those “Mouse Glue traps”, coat some sheets of plywood with that stuff, and lay them on the ground where the police line will march? Would a bunch of police men get stuck like mice?

    The police always have shields, helmets, boots, vests, and shinguards, etc, but what kind of panic would break out, if some snake lover, threw a bunch of live rattle snakes on the ground near the policemen’s feet? Would that advancing line up cops kinda break up pretty quick?

    Police use “nail strips” to stop speeding cars, would something like that be effective against an advancing line of cops or soldiers?

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