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Pesticide Overuse Has Led to a Huge “Super Lice” Outbreak

by Julie Fidler, Natural Society:

Don’t freak out, but “super lice” resistant to the pesticides commonly used to kill them are marching across the United States. They’re not going to kill you, they’re just really gross, they make you itch, and if you’re a parent, they could challenge your sanity.

So far, the super lice outbreak, which began last year, has spread across 25 states, and it exists because the chemical treatments used to get rid of the pests have been overused. The bugs can’t be killed using pyrethroids, the traditional method of treatment. [1]

A 2014 study by the University of California, Davis, showed that of the urinary samples taken from adults and children in 90 California families, 2/3 had breakdown products of pyrethroids. In 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found pyrethroids in more than 3,500 registered commercial products.  [2]

According to Beyond Pesticides’ Chemical Watch card, pyrethroids are a synthetic version of a chrysanthemum extract, which are designed to be more toxic and take longer to break down. The chemicals used to be 100% effective against lice, but now they only work about 25% of the time.

Pyrethroids are not terribly safe, either, but I’ll get into that later.

Daniel McCrimons, a pediatrician in Sacramento, California, told Good magazine:

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2 comments to Pesticide Overuse Has Led to a Huge “Super Lice” Outbreak

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    PS. Lice are SOFT bodied and that means that Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) will NOT work on them.

    I’m talking ONLY about the “agricultural grade or Food grade product” and NOT the swimming pool filter type. The swimming pool type will NOT work because the “grit-mesh size” is wrong.

    I buy the 40-50 pound bags (of the RIGHT stuff) at the farm store, for about $25 or $30.

    Diatomaceous Earth works on insects that have “hard shell bodies”, such as FLEAS, Bedbugs, crickets, grasshoppers, beetles, etc.
    THAT’s why it’s SO useful in the house & garden. NON toxic (but keep it OUT of the LUNGS or eyes, because it’s “sandy”.)

    As for Lice? Old timers used kerosene & diesel fuel?

    How about a bit of (toxic) Sevin Dust?

    Don’t forget to have one or more of those METAL tine flea combs (and a lice-nit comb) in your supplies.

    ALSO, it’s a VERY good idea (may save your life), to have some of those Mosquito BED nets that hangs down over the bed. Put a “Hoola hoop” up near the top, to help spread it open.

    These nets are NOT just for “looks”, and they are NOT just for the TROPICS either.

    There are ALL kinds of insect transported BAD diseases (Chagas disease=kissing bug disease, Malaria, etc.)

    During the Civil war, there were THOUSANDS and thousands of cases of Malaria, all the way up as far north as CANADA.

    Consider this. WHen the POWER GRID goes down, and you have NO FANS and NO A/C, you’re gonna have to sleep with the windows open at night. Bzzzzzzz.

    Window screens do NOT stop mosquitoes that follow people who come in thru the doors during the day (and mosquitoes have been “evolving” in a way, that SOME of the BAD ones, take to the skies during the DAYTIME (because all the smart HUMANS used to go indoors at night, so the mosquitoes have evolved to hunt their food when we are still outside.)

    And you can DIP-soak those nets in powerful BUG killer, so that bugs who LAND on it, will die. (this is MORE effective at getting rid of bugs that have found their way into your home than just keeping them off you while you are sleeping.)

    There is ANOTHER great item, a chemical called IVERMECTIN (it is NOT effective against TAPE worms.) It is a “wormer” medication, and when you dose yourself or your animals with it (some dogs are deathly allergic to it), it stays effective for up to 2 weeks, and EVERY bug that BITES you, will DIE from it.

    THere is a BLENDED wormer chemical that contains ivermectin & another chemical that DOES KILL tapeworms TOO. I get it at the FARM SUPPLY store, the brand name is called “Quest Plus” and costs about $15. Enough to treat up to 1,200 pounds of HORSE (yes, it’s sold in the HORSE department, etc.)

    You MUST be able to READ and understand how to PROPERLY ADJUST DOSAGE levels by BODY weight. It has instructions. (a 1,200 pound dose tube, will treat SIX humans who weigh 200 pounds each.) DUH!!!

    The straight Ivermectin, costs ONLY about $5. These meds are used in HUMANS to prevent or treat RIVER BLINDNESS (many countries).

    It also treats HEART WORM (for a LOT less money than the “standard” heartworm meds.) But again, do some GOOGLE SEARCHING to learn more about which breeds may DIE from this.

    Here is WHY these “worming meds” are SO important. People get worms, (pin worm, liver flukes, tape worms, etc) and almost NEVER know it. Animals get worms, and pass it along to the owners.

    Treatment with this stuff, does NOT make you “repel” bugs, but if one BITES you during your “effective period”, those bugs will DIE.

    This can, and DOES reduce the number of biting bugs in your home or bed. (bedbugs, lice, fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, etc)

    It reduces the bug population, because they can only bite for a few hours, and then they will be dead, never to bite again.

    The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION has put these “meds” on the short list of MOST IMPORTANT, vital, critical drugs to have in your “kit”, all over the world.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I was not 100% clear about the D.E. NEVER use the swimming pool type for any type of BUG control, it won’t work.

    It’s the food grade type or agricultural type that works on ALL the hard shelled insects.

    You can POWDER your bed, your animals, and your carpets with it, to kill fleas, bedbugs, beetles, etc etc.

    D.E. is edible, and is added to some animal feed to help in some way. It is also added to many grain silos, to prevent insects from infesting the storage bins and eating the grain, etc.

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