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Owning Yourself: Group-Think Vs Individualism

from Zen Gardner:

In this day and age as the energies intensify, many of us are called to get out of our comfort zone, question consensus reality and the world we live in. We look for answers to deeper life questions, our individual purpose and role as we embark on the process of seeking truth within and without. Once you take the “red pill” it can become a lonely road at times and it is harder to relate to people we used to be around who don’t question what we’ve been told and taught via official cult-ure. The more we de-program ourselves from cultural, social, and religious conditioning, the less we “fit in” with the sleeping masses. We experience break-downs and separations of relationships and friendships. This is normal in light of the process of awakening.

At the same time we naturally yearn to connect with like-minded people. Many of us look for communities, groups or movements we can be part of – our “tribe”. In our quest of seeking truth we also come across authors and researchers that help us give insights and knowledge about the topics we’re interested in. Naturally we also tend to look up to people who have been on the path for much longer since we can learn from them. In general, many people have the need to follow some “figurehead”, be it a government ‘personality’, medical professional, researcher, or spiritual guru.

 It is important to keep in mind that the process of awakening entails becoming our own personal leaders and internal authorities, learning to trust ourselves and our own power in the process, instead of giving it away to anyone else; therein lies the development of true spiritual sovereignty. Individuals oftentimes get sucked into the ‘celebrity matrix’ and latch onto authors and researchers they admire as well, blindly following what they say without doing their own fact-checking or listening to their bodily intuition. There is a big difference between getting inspired by people who put out work that resonates with us (and from whom we can learn new points of view) and putting those same folks on a pedestal, living only by the content of what they publish without questioning it at all, and projecting absolute authority onto them, whether it’s done consciously or not.

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