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Open Borders: The Zionist Stranglehold

from David Dees,

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23 comments to Open Borders: The Zionist Stranglehold

  • Eric

    But Jerusalem only has 693,000 people living in it.

    With so much Roman architecture, one would think they could accomodate at least 6 million refugees.

    • knowtoomuch

      I think you’re VERY disrespectful, Eric !

      Israel took FOUR (eritrean) refugees since march 2015.

      (ok, Europe a half million times more)

    • knowtoolittle

      Check this out (15 min):

      • Rdawg

        “Doctor”. What a joke.

        Honorary degree from a bullshit, non-accredited university.

        Duke is a serial fraudster, liar, and thief going back decades.

        So yeah, great source of “information” there.

        • Jacobson

          Rdawg you are right…
          Shallow people choose shallow teachers.

        • Bubble Buster

          It’s interesting when people do not argue on the merits of Dr. Dukes fact based arguments and will instead resort to sophomoric/childish comments and to logical fallacies, such as, appeals to ridicule and ad hominem. Most of the time these type of people (sophomoric/immature) resort to these tactics because they are just intellectually unable and immature.

          The SPLC and Mark Potok, the source for “David Duke received his PhD from a diploma mill” BS, has never allowed the truth to get in the way of a good story or to hinder their quest for more money. So I intend to put forth the straight skinny on Dr. Duke’s PhD and MAUP University in this post. The official Ukrainian language MAUP website is HERE; Google English translation HERE;

          First, the MAUP University system is NOT a diploma mill. MAUP is transliterated as “Mizhrehional’na Akademiya upravlinnya personalom”, from where it gets the English acronym “MAUP”. In English, it’s called the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. Established in 1989, the MAUP is the largest non-state higher education institution in Ukraine, with branches, campuses, and institutes scattered throughout the whole country and a current student population of 40,000. It is accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine to carry out educational process in ten higher education specialties with the right to give out diplomas of state and international standards.

          Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

          Unfortunately, MAUP has come under fire from international Jewry and their lackeys because it has been critical of Zionism from time to time and has dared to expose Jewish involvement in the Bolshevik tyranny which engulfed the Ukraine from 1917-1992. This opposition is unsurprising when you realize that Bolshevism and Zionism are two separate wings of the same bird of prey. Dr. Duke also documents efforts by international Jewry to censor and even close down the university altogether, and in December 2005, the (low lifes) at the Anti-Defamation League even went so far as to demand that a number of MAUP’s leading academics be arrested and imprisoned for expressing anti-Zionist viewpoints that the ADL labels as “anti-Semitism.” In September 2006, Ukraine‚Äôs Ministry of Education and Science ordered the denial of recognition of diplomas issued in 2006 to 4,655 MAUP graduates and ordered the closure of 26 regional branches, but in February 2007, the Kiev Court on Economic Affairs overruled the Ministry’s decision.

          ADL Seeks Closure Of Largest University In Ukraine

          • Rdawg

            Go ahead and justify his defrauding of people for hundreds of thousands of dollars going backs decades to fund his lavish lifestyle and gambling habits now too.

            The guy’s a douchebag. No scratch that, at least a douchebag is useful.

            Also ironic that you complain of ad hominem, while labeling people sophomoric and immature.

    • Howard Roark

      Yes, at least, if not 6 quadrillion!!!

  • KRELL427

    Time to send some bounty hunters into Sweden and put a gold price on the rapists heads.

    • Johan

      We have 25000 rapes/year in Sweden, so 68 rapes per day. And the politicians answer to that was “We need to change our view regarding rape”….

      • KRELL427

        Better put a bounty on the politicians as well,that is just a disgusting no of rapes.I like how the Russians handled it with baseball bats when the 13 year old was raped.

    • Ed_B

      Or OTHER body parts that will guarantee and end to this kind of behavior. S-L-I-C-E!

  • Moishe

    Thanks Elite Jews!

  • Jim Ludwig

    You really have to respect what Zionists have achieved.

    Total control of the world’s “Superpower”.

    Is there really a supernatural edge to Satanism…or are the rest of us simply that, simple?

    How many of its victims know anything at all about the “Federal Reserve System”?

    The amount of waking up required from people who obviously do not want to wake up; the amount of people oblivious to the massive genocidal geoengineering fouling the skies…hard to be optimistic.

    Are they simply, “contrails”?

  • knowtoomuch

    For ALL the evangelical & protestant pro-zionists out there :


    … beware of your deceitful “earthly master” (from hell) ! ! !

  • anon

    World Jewish Congress and Official German Jewry Welcome Nonwhite Invasion



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