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No Way!

from Survival Blog:


Okay, so you stopped and listened and also made a plan and the necessary preparations. Good for you. But the job is not done, sorry to say. More bad news to shoot your fear factor to the moon. With panic all around you, people will not be acting nicely. They will be reacting in a mode of self-preservation for themselves and their families. “Nice” has just flew out the door. You have seen the news reports of historical disasters, where the people are screaming in the streets begging for help because they are not prepared. This power outage will be way worse! However, you are prepared. That is one secret you must keep to yourself. If word gets out that you have stuff, you’re in deep trouble.

Security, next to water, is crucial to your survival. Water is the first priority, as you can’t live without it. Security is the second priority. With no security, there’s no chance of coming through this mess alive. Security is a very big aspect of the American fabric of life. Security is everywhere. Those normal security measures will no longer protect you. Well, the dog will still bark, but that’s about it. There will be no phones to call for help. The doors are still locked but can be easily smashed in. I warned you that it was going to get worse. I can put it all on a silver platter, or I can tell you the truth. Truth will save your life (or give you the best chance of surviving), if you listen. Maybe you prefer to remain a “No Way”. I hope not.

Guns protect us from those who do not abide by the laws of the land. If someone is busting into your home, uninvited, it may well be a gun that saves your life. It is very sad times that people are not listening, not preparing, and are not ready for a disastrous event, such as a national power outage. There are people who are prepared. They know what they have to do, no matter how unpleasant it is. Other people choose to ignore the warnings to be prepared. And now, in bad times, those same people expect “the prepared ones” to give them their stuff. And if they won’t give it to them, in their panic, they will just take it. The negligent are not entitled to your stuff any more than, as today, are the bad guys breaking into your home, entitled to steal and kill.

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2 comments to No Way!

  • Ed_B

    “You have seen the news reports of historical disasters, where the people are screaming in the streets begging for help because they are not prepared.”

    No need for looking way back in history for this because it happens EVERY TIME we have a disaster. Just look at the news footage of every hurricane, tornado, or earthquake that comes along. Different place and day, same thing… the unprepared wailing “WHY WON’T ANYONE HELP US?! The answer is, of course, that your number one helped is the person staring out of the mirror at you. So, why don’t you help yourself and your family by getting off the couch, shutting off the TV, and getting serious about prepping for an uncertain future? Even a simple prep plan is MUCH better than no plan at all. It’s not difficult to start small with a little extra food and water and then work up to a larger scale plan as time and money allow. This doesn’t have to be done immediately or all at once. But, it DOES have to be done and there is no better time to start than right now.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Ed,…. Ding ding ding!!! 999 Fine Gold for you.

      Yes, don’t be a dead deer in the headlights, get prepped.

      Be ready or be dead.

      Darwin doesn’t care who you are, what color or religion you are, he cares ONLY if you are prepped or dead.

      The dead ones make room for the smarter ones to prosper and fill the voids left by the idiots who have died.

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