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More DEVIOUS “FREE TRADE” Propaganda

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

There was some subtle propaganda on display from the Corporate media this morning, which I think is worth reviewing, for a few reasons. First there is the content itself. We have a piece of propaganda which pretends to be “examining” the issue of Globalization (aka Corporate Slavery) while it is actually promoting mainstream propaganda.

This brings me to the second reason for featuring this propaganda as a topic for analysis: to educate readers on more-subtle forms of propaganda. Read through this brainwashing exercise, and you get the following summary.

A Concerned Citizen voices his dismay and opposition toward Globalization. Some manufactured “authority figure” (i.e. some corporation-friendly mouthpiece) then “explains”, in a patronizing manner, why the Concerned Citizen is in error. Supposedly, he isn’t looking at the Big Picture.

What is missing from this “Big Picture” is that it is 100% fiction. First of all, on the Planet Earth, we have no such thing as “free trade”. This has been explained in a recent commentary. Real free trade is based on the principle of Comparative Advantage (which doesn’t even exist in the global economy) along with a detailed, rigid set of conditions — and none of these conditions exist, either.

We don’t have “free trade”. What we do have is a collection of ultra-corrupt governments who have simply erased our borders, and torn-up any/all laws that protect Workers (i.e. the People), all in the service of their corporate Masters. Thus if the Corporate media was willing to be truthful/up-front about this piece of propaganda, it would have been titled:

Free Trade Is NOT “Stealing Your Job”, Stupid!

Instead, we see this title:

Free trade: Will it take your job?


Because large numbers of people are finally becoming suspicious of the mainstream propaganda machine (and its undying allegiance to Big Business), and NO ONE WOULD READ an article with the former title. Thus, more and more often, the Corporate media titles its propaganda in a manner which looks like it is a search for the truth, when all it represents is EXACTLY THE SAME PROPAGANDA, but delivered in an indirect rather than direct manner.

Thirty years ago; when our Traitor Governments began legislating their so-called “free trade agreements”, above all else we were promised “jobs, jobs, jobs”. And for thirty years, we have gotten less jobs, and less jobs, and less jobs.

The Truth About Western (Un)Employment

…and with all of this permanent unemployment deliberately manufactured by our Traitor Governments (more than 100 million permanently unemployed people across the West), wages have collapsed. When there are at least 10 people standing in line for any job-opening, and a HUNDRED (or a thousand) people lined up for any good job, there is always someone willing to do that job for less money.

U.S. Standard of Living Has Fallen More Than 50%

There are no “facts” which can be advanced to support Globalization, because such facts don’t exist. Our economies have devolved and deteriorated in literally every way imaginable, since Globalization was rammed down our throats — against the will of the people.

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