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Jonathan Wellum: Investment Manager Says Average Person has ZERO Exposure to Precious Metals

from Palisade Radio:

Preceding the financial crisis in 2008, debt was unchecked and increasing by $100 billion a month. The current capital markets are following a very similar trajectory. The USA and Canada have huge debt issues because of out of control government spending. The average person has no idea of the scale of the challenges the global system is facing.

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1 comment to Jonathan Wellum: Investment Manager Says Average Person has ZERO Exposure to Precious Metals

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Why do I get so sleepy when I listen to “investment managers” talking?

    Why do so many of them sound like Bo Polny to my ears?

    I do admit that I like Gregory Manarino and the way he explains things, but I still have a natural instinct and aversion (and disgust) to putting my money into the “Chosenite Casino System”.

    The Chosenite system is the fishing net, and the GOYIM are the SUCKER FISH who get caught in the net, gutted, cooked and eaten.

    Just because the Chosenite fishman tosses some BAIT (money) in front of your face to lure you into the net, does NOT mean the system is honest, it only means the Chosenites are willing to spend a little bit of money to make a lot more money to sucker you into the nets.

    I don’t like the idea of playing their game, trying to be clever enough to play with the net, just to grab some of their bait, and try to swim away before the close the net on me.

    Gimmie Silver. Grow my garden.

    Stay out of all the Chosenite systems (banks, Wall street, COURT systems, lawyers, judges, etc.) Even if you “win” a lawsuit against a Chosenite fraud, chances are that they’ll tie it up for decades with more chosenite judges & lawyers & accountants, and then, when you try to collect your winnings, the chosenites will have dissolved everything and re-organized a different corporation, even in a different tax haven, or just disappear and never go to jail.

    In the mean time, you will have thrown all your money, into the hands of your own “Chosenite Lawyers” trying to go against the OTHER Chosenite Lawyers…. in the end, all the Chosenite Lawyers (and judges) eat dinner together and use YOUR money to pay the bill.

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