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Hans Peter Zihlmann: Global Uranium Demand Set to Soar

from Palisade Radio:

There are not many options when it comes to investing in uranium stocks but Timeless Funds has built a vehicle that acts as a diversified portfolio of everything uranium. The future of uranium is looking very bright with 66 reactors under construction globally, particularly in China, India and the U.A.E. Saudi Arabia has signed agreements to build 16 reactors by 2032. So the demand for uranium will keep rising.

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2 comments to Hans Peter Zihlmann: Global Uranium Demand Set to Soar

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Oh great. That’s ALL we need, is the Elite Energy people flooding the planet with MORE radioactive garbage.

    It’s time to relegate them to the dustbin of history.

    They really HATE people having SOLAR panel systems because it takes away their power to keep us SLAVES of the power companies and steal more of our money each month.

    If “THEY” hate it, then Craig LIKES it. Simple as that.

    They (of course) make some BRILLIANT (false flag) attacks, by setting up BIG solar “ventures” that are DESIGNED to fail, so they can convince us that SOLAR & Wind is NOT economical, workable, or reliable,etc. And some of us FALL for it.

    When you see EVERY MSM reporting on the “hope” of Solyndra, and then the failure. Consider how ALL the news media always followed it from BIRTH to DEATH.

    The same MSM that is part of TPTB. Yet they NEVER talk about the MILLIONS of homes around the world, with perfectly GOOD working solar systems, OFF grid, ON grid, etc.

    The typical ROI of a PRIVATE, home solar system (and small businesses too), is 7% (and it’s NON taxable because it’s NOT income.) It’s in YOUR OWN hands (so you really own it.)

    Each panel has about 1-2 ounces of SILVER in it, so even if a tornado destroys it, it is still part of your STACK, and it’s WORKING for you.

    If and when the “price” of silver goes over $1000 or $20,000 per ounce, you could always scrap out your panels and “re-spend” your money how ever you like.

  • Ed_B

    Fact is, Craig, that small scale solar works wonderfully but large scale solar seems to create more problems than it solved. Same with wind power. Drive around the mid-west and great plains states and you will see a wind-driven water pump system on virtually every farm and ranch out there. They work well, and once set up are very reliable and low maintenance.

    Similar to this theme is that passive solar designs work really well in homes and small businesses. By creating the right design, heating and cooling needs can be slashed to a small fraction of what older designs require for comfort.

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