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Good News And Bad From Syria

from The Sleuth Journal:

Liberating Palmyra was a major achievement – likely facilitating others ahead, opening the way to purging ISIS from Raqqa, its main Syrian stronghold.

At the same time, two weeks of so-called peace talks accomplished nothing, intractable differences preventing resolving conflict diplomatically at this time.

Assad remains hopeful, calling Syrian military successes vital for eventual peace. Western and regional nations against its sovereign independence want him and his government ousted.

They’re “counting on our defeat on the battlefield in order to impose their conditions at the negotiations,” he said.

So successful military operations “will lead to the acceleration of the political settlement and not prevent it.”

Assad and his top officials always urged resolving years of conflict diplomatically, he said – not wanting “a single chance for settlement (missed) without trying it.”

“We went to Geneva and continue to show flexibility.” At the same time, “(w)e have not changed our position” throughout years of conflict on wanting Syrians alone to decide their future, free from foreign interference, along with preserving the nation’s sovereign independence and territorial integrity.

Terrorism in the form of imported death squads supported by Western and regional states is Syria’s greatest problem, Assad stressed.

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