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Foom! BLBS Triggers “Insane Demand For Silver”

from Silver Doctors:

With Gold and Silver Creamed In the Wake of Friday’s BLBS Report, The Doc & Eric Dubin Break Down All the Action, Discussing: 

  • Insane Demand For Silver“ – SD Bullion Burns Through 30,000Silver Rounds Friday In Wake Of Jobs Report Silver Smash
  • Eric Explains Why Friday’s Action Demonstrates The 3rd Stage of the Secular Gold and Silver Bull Market is Underway
  • The Dollar is Reaching an Inflection Point – BIG Moves Ahead For the Greenback?

Must Listen Market Analysis Is Below:


Wall Street isn’t buying the latest BLS BS.  That’s what Friday’s trading action indicates.  Is it any wonder?  The statistical contortions in the latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment report are downright amazing.  Take the retail sector, for example.  Jeffrey P. Snider at Alhambra Investment Partners fired-off an incisive missive this morning, including this gem of an observation:

“In the latest payroll farce, the update for March 2016, employment in the retail industry was estimated to have grown by another astounding 47.7k employees (seasonally adjusted) after absolutely surging by more than 65k in each of the two months prior. In the six months since September, as retail sales have tumbled significantly below that 3% line, the BLS estimates that retail employment is up an enormous 261k jobs. That is a ridiculous 43.5k per month, which is just about three times the rate figured for the period starting August 2003 through August 2005 (15.8k per month) when retail sales were growing by an average 6%.”retail-sales-labor
Click here to read Snider’s full paper.  Dave Kranzler also published on-target analysis (click here); Kranzler’s dissection of real-estate and construction trends within the latest BLS BS are flying under the radar of nearly ALL money managers.With retail sales representing over 65% of the Gross Domestic Product of the United States, this divergence all by itself undermines BLS BS.  I mean, seriously, someone needs to send Janet Yellen some aspirin.  What with her talking down economic expectations recently, she’s probably sporting a major headache this weekend.  One does have to marvel and the rotation we see with “jawboning” and perceptions management as the so-called stewards of our financial and monetary system rotate every other week as part of their official “economic policy.”

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  • jskauai

    Here’s a song the stacker…substitute these modified lyrics to this song…

    What goes up, must come down

    Janet Yellen nothin’ but a clown

    Talkin’ ’bout the economy, it’s a cryin’ sin

    Buy some Silver Eagles, let the spinning wheel spin

    If you got no real money, you got no home

    Your buyin’ silver, all alone

    Talkin’ ’bout the trouble and, you never learn

    Buy those Silver Eagles, let those sheeple all burn

    Will they find a directing sign on the straight and narrow highway?

    Would you mind reflecting a sign?

    Just let it shine within your mind

    And show them gold and silver are real

    Someone is waiting just for you

    Stackin’ silver spinning through

    Droppin’ the prices on Comex tide

    Catch some Silver Eagles on the spinning wheel ride


    Someone’s waiting just for you

    Spinning prices spinning through

    Drop all your fiat by the riverside

    Buy some Silver Eagles, let the spinning wheel fly

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