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EXPOSED: The ‘CORPORATION’ of the United States, The Pope & The Jesuit Order

Vyzygoth Interviews the Informer & James Montgomery on the CORPORATION of the United States of America and the foundational lies about our “Republic”.

from The Phaser:

We received the link to this important interview from a friend who notes this critical information covers the origins of Merchant Law, the foundations of the US CORPORATION, the myth of the Constitution and the US Revolution. What is revealed is nothing less than the total control by the Jesuits, Catholic Church & Pope going all the way back to the Magna Carta & the Code of Hammurabi.

The interview focuses primarily on the Pope, Vatican and the Jesuits who use ecclesiastical law based on the Code of Hammurabi; i.e., Merchant Law or Maritime Law to exercise control. Vyzygoth also provides numerous other You Tube Podcast interviews with the Informer on the real history of the United States. Vyzygoth’s real name is Keith Hansen, but the informer’s real name is still unknown.


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