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Exit Bitcoin Now WARNING! Criminals Have Infiltrated

from Junius Maltby:

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52 comments to Exit Bitcoin Now WARNING! Criminals Have Infiltrated

  • Smitty

    I feel the same about Bitcoin and never took the plunge. Physical silver mostly and some gold. Thank you sir for bringing this valuable news exposing the snake and piece of trash criminal who should be in jail and or face something more harsh. Larry Scummers. I live for the day these criminals are punished for their crimes against humanity. He’s a terrorist

  • mike

    Bitcoin is the money of the future period..Show me a better one that you can do the exact same things with as you can currently do with the dollar. If the dollar collapses we are not going to be cast into a Mad Max world where you trade with the coins in your pocket.The entire infrastructure still exist so if you want to buy groceries, gas etc you need something to be able to do that. If the dollar collapses bit coin will be worth millions a piece in today’s purchasing power, it will be the new one world currency. You will be able to trade your PMs for fractions of a bitcoin but at least you will have something. PMs wont be money again there are simply not enough and they are not divisible or even spendable. How are you going to order anything online with PMs..C.O.D?. The world has evolved and having PMs is a great idea to purchase the new money once the dollar dies. The only way a new dollar would work it must be backed or it will go the way of all valueless currency like the Greenback. Gubberment through Fiat ordered the greenback was the money of the nation and even peg the value at a dollar..Worked fine until it was not redeemable in gold. The very minute that happened it was over and it blew up. 2 years was a sweet run for the truly worthless currency the greenback. Dont know why Bill Still doesn’t know this? The dollar today is backed by debt or in other words the assets behind that debt. So in a sense it is backed by real tangible assets. Of course most of those assets are hypothicated or whatever rendering the currency worthless like the greenback…Anyway this Maltby guy is 100% dead ass wrong. Bitcoin is the wave of the future. It should double by July or August simply because the Mining will take twice as long, its reaching that point….Besides Maltby, YOU EXIST ON THE INTERWEBS LOL.

    • Eric

      Except Bitcoin isn’t money. It’s a crypto CURRENCY just like the US dollar is a currency. PM’s like Gold and Silver never ceased being money since they have been a store of value for 5,000 years. But the really amazing part is that Gold and Silver are a currency too. So Gold and Silver is money (check), currency (check), and reserves (check). Bitcoin…just a currency, and just a digital one at that.

      The wave of the future? I doubt it. It isn’t wide accepted as a medium of exchange.

      • mike

        Eric you must live in a vacuum..There is an entire world called the darknet aka the TRUE FREE MARKET..It is MASSIVE..Download and install Tor Browser and strap in..My only advice is put your morals in check, everything is for sale. The only currency is bitcoin. When the true free market picks a medium it is what it is my friend. The Infrastructure is there in its entirety. When your fake markets die what will be left? The free Market. There is not one thing on earth that is not for sale in Bitcoin. You need to wake up the world is passing you by ๐Ÿ™

        • Eric

          No I live in the real world and occasionally enter the matrix.

          I am not interested in black market dildos or hookers.

          I am only interested in my local market and preserving my wealth. And nobody around here uses or has ever heard of blipcoin.

          The world isn’t passing me by. The world is lost at sea while I sit on a solid Gold foundation. I just think it’s funny and yet sad how so many bitcoin promoters and libertarians don’t have any money and still think bitcoin is the newww money. 3400 paper currencies have gone to zero. Bitcoin will possibly be the first all digital currency to go to zero. In the end it’s all about trust.

          Show me one southern california grocery store or gas station that accepts bitcoin.

          • mike

            Thats fine just using the Freemarket as an example of the incredible infrastructure that already exist in Bitcoin. If the dollar dies you will be able to trade anything of perceived value for anything so your gold will do you fine. If you want incredible wealth go with a few Bitcoins and just hold them. Buy 1 and forget about it. The next currency will be bitcoin. It value will be incredible when the rest of the people with blinders start pouring into it. The reason you have banksters getting into it they know what is coming and what is the new money. That is not something to ignore that is something to emulate. If the crooks are running into it then you know.

            • Eric

              Why not litecoin? Infrastructure can crumble at any time. “new money”…you’re hilarious. Bitcoin is all but dead. On the other hand, miners have been like a rocket. I’ll stick with physical Silver and Silver and Gold miners. I think I’ve done pretty well building wealth rapidly up til now. I’ll stick with what continues to work for me thanks.

              • mike

                Okay but after July get back to me when PMs crash to all time lows and BTC is at a minimum of 1200. The thing that is lost on you is Money is what people perceive as money whether that is pieces of paper with numbers written on it or Gold or Silver. Money is what the Free Market says it is. Currently the only free markets in the world are screaming Bitcoin. When the Dollar dies so does regulation so what is already in the Freemarket used as money will spread since the entire world would be a free market. Again your gold will do right by you but you will be selling it in BTC guaranteed.

                • Eric

                  Guaranteed huh?


                  It’s so sad that westerners buy into the hype of everything while having so little patience or knowledge of history. I have a much longer time horizon than July. If PMs fall to new lows, I will accumulate more. Nobody around here perceives Bitcoin as money. Anyone who has heard of it but doesn’t know anything about money (which is most everyone) sees it as another get rich quick scheme or hot stock tip. Not as currency and certainly not as money. That seems to be what you perceive it as too. And history has shown that when currencies die, regulation often increases. You have been ponzi schemed I’m sorry to say. Perhaps you’ll get lucky. I just hope you didn’t bet the farm on bitcoin and have a real good supply of Gold and Silver, storable food, water, toilet paper, soap, arms, ammo, and other supplies.

                  Money is durable, divisible, convenient, consistent, possesses value in itself, is limited in quantity that is available, and has a long history of acceptance.

                  ONLY Gold and Silver fit all 7 characteristics.


  • Silver Shield

    Larry Summers now… Not shocked.

    This has all along been a scam by the criminal elite to usher in their mark of the beast money and act as a diversion from physical silver.

    Stack on!

  • KRELL427

    BLIP, blip,______________________.

  • Don

    Heard he has some physical au and ag too, better dump those.

    • pipes

      …and cash too…get rid of it! Summers has it!

      Oh, OH! and real estate! He has dabbled in real estate! SELL!



      • Eric

        Cash yes. Real Estate…maybe. Gold and Silver…no.

        Gold and Silver have a long history of being trusted as a ‘store of value.’ Bitcoin, Larry Summers, real estate, and cash do not.

  • pipes

    Oh – my – God.

    This damn dimwit doesn’t know SHIT about bitcoin.

    He thinks if you break your computer your bitcoin is lost!

    He thinks that Larry Summers can have ANY effect on the blockchain!

    He’s got NOTHING new here…instead, he has seized on Summers association with a company in the bitcoin universe as a confirmation of his prior held belief.

    Confirmation bias – BASED ON NOTHING!

    And you dumbasses agreeing with him and supporting his “read” of these developments, saying “Right on, man -I knew bitcoin was a scam!”, are even worse than the dimwit Maltby – because YOU are too stupid to recognize HIS FAIL and his flawed premise.

      • pipes

        Ooo…brilliant response, and a very convincing refutation of my points that Maltby and his cheerleaders are dimwits.


        But then again…that was likely the best to be expected, from dumb-dumbs who think breaking their computer would cause them to lose their bitcoins.

        But lets face it…those dim-bulbs never would have a bitcoin to LOSE in that broken computer to begin with.

        • Eric

          Calling someone names is an emotional reaction to a logical argument.

          How does one access their bitcoin if their computer is broken? Bullets with no gun won’t protect you.

          • pipes

            Don’t be a turd, Eric.

            I called names AND pointed out that Maltby’s knowledge on the subject was SHIT. I took issue with the fact that he has NOTHING in this “revelation” that backs up his “SELL NOW!” drivel. I identified his retarded thought that smashing your computer was tantamount to destroying your bitcoins. And I noted that he was merely engaged in – and catering to others – confirmation bias.

            At NO POINT did Maltby make anything resembling a “logical argument”. I called a dimwit…a dimwit.

            You may tend to agree with his feelings on Bitcoin, so you see logic where there is none, and name calling where proper “calling out” has occurred.

      • KRELL427

        Broken computer is the least of the problems.If you feel OK giving your money to a system where the guy who supposedly invented it remains anonymous like some super genius then be my guest.I see that trigger words in the advertising attracts the targeted audience.Good luck to you and this blip in history,Congradulations for allowing yourself to be headfaked away from real assets and being beta tested.

  • Randy

    Mike, are you even able to speak into the menu board at your favorite fast food joint and make an order that they can understand? Your rambling drivel here makes no sense at all.
    Are you aware that there are now over seven HUNDRED crypto-currencies available for people to get ripped off by? Go to and see it for yourself, if you don’t want to believe me!
    Criminals have been in the banking system from almost day one, and they will remain there until enough people become educated about how much fraud there is in the system and take action to eliminate it.
    In case you haven’t been reading the news lately, Venezuela is rapidly becoming a Mad Max world as I write this! The government employees have had their work week cut down to just two days now, Mondays and Tuesdays! How long before it’s one and then NONE?! They now have rolling blackouts because they do not have enough electricity for everybody. How will you access your BitCONJOB “coins” when we have the same thing going on here?? Their “socialist paradise” could never exist, but yet they tried to do it anyway! It’s all over for them now but the crying.
    The USD isn’t backed up by ANYTHING now, except our guns and bombs that are used to kill anyone who dares to speak up about how without worth the USD is.
    Our infrastructure here, in case you missed the memo on it, is in very bad shape, and without a means to repair it, it will just get worse and worse until it is BEYOND repair.


    • Mike

      True lots of Cryptos, but like Bill Stills Quark they all go the way of the Dodo bird. Bitcoin is the chosen and will be with us forever..In fact only 1 bitcoin ever needed to be created since it is infinitely divisible.
      My Rant makes perfect sense to me :). Bitcoin is it and like I said before something is happening in July that makes mining it take twice as long..Think it’s the number in existence makes it more difficult to mine once that number is reached. That translate into at least a doubling of the price.
      Bill Still is 100% wrong on valueless currency because it hinges on GUBBERMENT, Fatal Flaw. Maltby is 100% wrong about bitcoin. Gold and Silver will never again return as money.
      That said doesnt mean the PMs against the dollar wont go way they will and save some of oyur hard work. You will need the new currency and after the dollar dies forever no Gubberment currency will ever be trusted again on this earth EVER! Only bitcoin will remain. The single most divisible uncontrollable currency in existence.

      • Eric

        Mike, Gold and Silver already IS money! Nothing else is or ever will be.

        • Mike

          Nope it just an asset..How much Gold and Silver could any of the 7 billion people on earth own? Like 1 oz of silver and 1/10000 of a gram of gold? Nope the PMs are simple too rare to ever be money again. Will they go up in value? Yep absolutely. Will they ever be money Nope. Will you be able to trade them for things? Sure but you will also be able to trade toilet paper etc. When the dollar dies there will only be BTC left, the perfect currency.

          • Eric

            Let me answer your questions carefully because you have it exactly backwards.

            When the dollar dies, confidence in digital currencies will be zero. When the dollar dies, the only currency anyone with any brains will have any trust in is Gold and Silver.

            How much Gold and Silver could any of the 7 billion people on earth own? The growth rate of the Gold supply is usually about 2%, roughly the same as the population growth. Gold is divisible to the grain, and under a Gold STANDARD, it is divisible to fractions of a grain. How many dollars can 7 billion people own before they realize it’s just “dirty linen?” How many bitcoins can they own before they realize it’s just 1’s and 0’s on a screen?

            No they won’t go up in value. They will go up in PRICE!

            They already are money. Have been for 5,000 plus years. Who told you Gold wasn’t money?

            I am not expecting China to embrace the Bitcoin standard. Are you?

            • Mike

              The 5000 years of money is simply perception of what is money. You have it exactly backwards. Humans have progressed and there are too many people on earth for the PMs to be money. You can work oyur whole for 1 oz of silver lol that is ridiculous.There are simply not enough PMs to be money. When the dollar dies there will only be Bitcoin as a currency..The PMs will be an asset you can trade but they will never again function as currency. Think about it. I think the PMs will go up but as far as purchasing power goes Bitcoin is what you want. It is already an internationally accepted currency. If you ever took a trip on the dark web you have seen the black markets and everything is for sale and what is the truly free markets choice?? BITCOIN!

              • Eric

                The quantity of people is as irrelevant as the quantity of supply.

                Many people accept payment in precious metals as well as other currencies.

                Human beings have not progressed as much as you think. In my opinion, most have learned very little.

                5000 years is a long time to build trust. 8 years is not.

      • Mike

        Let me make a correction!

        Bill Still is 100% wrong on valueless currency because it hinges on GUBBERMENT, Fatal Flaw. Maltby is 100% wrong about bitcoin. Gold and Silver will never again return as money.
        That said doesnt mean the PMs against the dollar wont go way “UP”, they will and save some of YOUR hard work

        • Eric

          Gold doesn’t “go way UP.” Gold doesn’t change. The world around it does.

        • KRELL427

          Mike gold and silver don’t have to be money ,but show me something else that has as good a track record at being a store of value.

          • Eric

            Common sense. It’s very rare and in limited quantity. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Mike

              Okay think what you want and yes gold and silver can go up in terms of purchasing power. That will happen and you will save some of your hard work by stacking them when the dollar dies. But you would have been much better off getting BITCOIN while its cheap. You will be able to trade your PMs for the new currency, Bitcoin when this system goes down. The enormous Infrastructure is already in place for bitcoin and there is nothing you can not purchase with Bitcoin…Even PMS/

              • Eric

                How does a Gold Coin in my hand “go up in terms of purchasing power?”

                Gold does not change!

                Bitcoin is cheap because it has no intrinsic value. It’s nadex binary options…another israeli scam.

          • Mike

            I can show you something better…Bitcoin!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I do agree that ordering and paying for things at long distances where you are not “face to face” with the seller, I agree that “bitcoin” and “Swift System” of transferring payments is what actually works.

    But we really don’t need bitcoin for that, we could deposit PM’s in some bullion account, banks, etc, and then use something like “Swift” or the Chinese transfer system to make long-distance payments.

    But the ONE point where I DISAGREE with you 100%, is your assumption that there is Not enough PM’s in existence to be divided up into all the needed amounts of “currency” for world wide commerce.

    Funny how you and many other “BitCoin” converts support that absurd idea. WHY?

    Because there can be ONLY 21 Million total BitCoins after they have ALL been “mined”, yet there is FAR MORE than 21 million OUNCES of GOLD, 30 million ounces per 1000 tons) and FAR more many millions of ounces of silver in the world.

    If somebody can “sub divide” 21 million bitcoins to handle all the needs of world currencies, then certainly, 10X to 100X that amount of PM’s can handle world currency needs a lot easier (as to “divisiblity”).

    Some people grasp at some very shallow excuses to dismiss PM’s as the money of the future.
    I feel that PM’s are the SUPER BEST money of the future, as it has also been the BEST money of past THOUSANDS of years (even a couple thousand years BEFORE Jesus was born, and today, thousands of years after Jesus was supposed to show up, and for another 10 thousand years when Jesus still won’t show up), PM’s are very likely to STILL be the BEST money on earth.

    Bitcoins? QuarkCoins? Dogecoins? etc? How about “QuatLoos”? Tulip Bulbs? Boxes of Tampons?
    (…of all those, I’d say that the TAMPONS will have the best value, far better than “Crypto thingies that are not likely to survive the next 100 years of tech changes.)

    I’d rather stock up on boxes of Feminine products than BitCoins, because at least I know I’ll be able to BARTER the “White Owls” (tampons) as long as there are humans on this planet.

    Bitcoins are not very absorbent, but they do soak up a LOT of real money, and I don’t think they’ll give anything in return in the LONG run.

  • Sam

    ………annnnnnd…………it’s GONE (zippity zapo poof)

  • d

    china AND russia WILL BACK their FIAT Currency with GOLD as the USA once did…their will be no use for a bitcoin…since the internet will be controlled by al gore and his ilk…imho

    • Mike

      China is not going to back their currency with gold lol that would be suicide. China can not survive without our markets. They make it a point to devalue their currency to sell more junk. Why in the name of God would they make their currency worth 100 times more than the USD only to murder their own economy? That argument is the purest of ignorance. China has 1600 tons of gold that is it, You can purchase as much Chinese gold as you want and they are happy to take your USD. I heard idiots repeatedly say China doesn’t sell its gold but they do they sell most if it. Go online and que up a purchase..You can get as much as you want.

      • Eric

        They will if they want to expose the khazarian mafia’s bluff and make them arbitrage a higher gold price when they know they don’t have it, then take the world back onto the Gold Standard where it never should have left in the first place.

        1600 tons is laughable. They imported over 1300 tons in 2015 alone. And they don’t sell ‘most of it.’ Do you know how much 30,000 tons actually is?

        • mike

          No it isn’t 30000 ton lol..It is 1600. China would destroy itself by backing its currency with gold. It would completely isolate over 1 billion people that would not have jobs and riot in the streets. Its a nice thought if your stupid enough to think Gold is money. As far as that gold coin in your pocket goes it can go up in purchasing power although its lost most of its purchasing power over time…A nice Toga 1000 years ago or a Suit 100 years ago is a perfect example.. What does it buy you now? A nice Suit? A Toga and Suit 100 years ago were hand made by textiles that were hand made. Then run through a transportation system of manual and animal labor from farming to your back. That one coin should in the modern world with major advancements in textiles, Farming, transportation, sewing machine etc should buy you 500 nice suits instead of 1 lol. PMs are “Leached” into existence today very easy mind thanks to modern chemicals. Gold is just an asset. Easily mined compared to years ago. Not a store of value that is proven by the clothes on your back. It does however hold value as an asset. I think if you think about it you will understand.

          • Eric

            mike, that was the most hilarious jibber jabber I ever read. You obviously didn’t even read the link I provided. I notice you never post any links or articles to back up your points either. Is there any reason for this? So if Gold isn’t money, then why is it accepted for value? And there is no 24k Gold that is leeched (spelled correctly) into existence. You are just making stuff up. Easily mined? I’d like to see you get off your blipcoin chair and see how easy it is to mine 1 ounce.

            • mike

              Silver is leached..YOu don’t even need to fine veins of PMs any longer only specks. BAM the easy leaching, doesnt look too difficult lol.

            • mike

              Actually Eric your right in a sense..I am making a lot of my argument up and playing devils advocate. It helps me see things more clearly. BTC is the money of the future thanks for helping me see that. There is nothing like it and like I was arguing the Only Free Market in the world says it is money so it is money:) I have a lot of the PMs and pray to god they go up I am seriously in the red..The single worst investment ever in the history of investments. Good thing I did buy BTC in the black big time. Good talking to you ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Eric

                Gold is not an investment and bitcoin is not money. You’re only in the red if you measure everything in dollar terms. And Gold does not “go up.”

  • Mr Cause

    It makes little sense to debate anyone over Bitcoin. Everyone states their opinion by the mere fact of ownership.

    The key to bitcoin is uniqueness. The theory goes, if you own an Electronic Bitcoin, there is no duplicate. No one, including Larry Summers, can just print them like fiat dollars and that is how it is like gold.

    It may not seem this way today, but the truth is, there will only ever be 21 million bitcoins. Wait until the supply runs out. Buy a bitcoin today for your grandchild.

    The last truth is, an individual that doesn’t like the fact bitcoin is electronic is simply ignorant to the fact their money at the bank is also in electronic form. Your money doesn’t exist in some piggy bank holding physical cash at the bank.

    I believe owning bitcoin is the opportunity of a lifetime. Kind of like owning Microsoft a couple years after it went public.

    If I’m wrong, I’m out some money. If I’m right, it can be life changing.

  • Malcolm

    Not trying to be negative but this should clear up any thoughts I have on bitcoin in about one second .

  • Malcolm

    If the name JP Morgan gets mentioned and people here know what i am talking about that is all it will take. Bitcoin will be done.

  • Malcolm

    The trouble is just by the comments on here, trust is all but gone imho. And without peoples trust show me any currency that can survive? All I can say is it is going to have to be something very special that is for sure. Surething indeed.
    As digital, forget that, that just gives tptb more control, people whom know what is going on don’t want the current reserve currency. So tptb are in a real dilemma as if they want peoples trust back ever again then whom knows the answer.
    We have really crossed the Rubicon. We truly are approaching a change in humanity because paper money has unfortunately become a lot of peoples god today.

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