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Chinese parents outraged as vaccines kill defenseless children… it’s happening everywhere around the world

by J.D. Heyes, Natural News:

Americans and the Chinese people have another thing in common besides a big economy – vaccine violence.

As reported by the BBC, parents in China are extremely angry after learning about a massive illegal vaccine operation in Shangdong province. The illegal ring involved hundreds of people and had spread to 24 provinces and cities, according to local media cited by the BBC.

The outrage grew after news spread that a boy who had been vaccinated died, though Chinese officials claimed the death was not tied to the Shangdong scandal, a story that no thinking person would actually believe.

The illegal vaccine ring – one of a plethora of health and safety scandals in China in recent years – was likely in operation since 2011, officials said. The ringleaders, said to be a mother and daughter who bought the vaccines from licensed and unlicensed sources, have been arrested, according to reports. After buying the vaccines, the pair would then sell them to illegal agents or local disease control and prevention centers for inflated prices, the BBC reported, citing the Xinhua news agency.

Officials have known for a year

It turns out that the 88 million dollars’ worth of vaccines purchased and sold were also not properly refrigerated or transported in state-approved conditions. Xinhua notes that because the vaccines were potentially compromised there could be more deaths and disabilities.

Chinese authorities have been investigation the illegal ring for a year, reports said, but only made it public in recent days after issuing a call demanding that suppliers come forward so they can trace potential victims. Chinese social media exploded with questions as to why it took the government so long to acknowledge the ring.

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