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An open letter to mining CEO’s

by Peter Degraaf, GoldSeek:

Consider changing the policy of shipping your product into the warehouses that supply bullion which backs up futures contracts. This procedure is helping those who are depressing the price that you receive for your bullion!

Instead you need to ‘starve the paper market’, and think of ways to convert your bullion into retail products. There is rapidly growing demand on the retail side for finished products! Here are some examples:

Featured are some examples of 1 ounce ‘Rounds’ produced by Johnson Matthey

This one ounce round is very popular with silver investors and is available at coin dealers and precious metals distributors.  This one ounce silver round and many similar rounds are currently being produced by a number of private mints including Sunshine Mint, Golden State Mint, Silvertowne, Johnson Matthey and others.

Here is the obverse of the Buffalo 1 ounce round, manufactured by the Silvertowne Mint in Indiana.

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2 comments to An open letter to mining CEO’s

  • d

    WELL SAID….Now the miners need to STOP enabling the corrupt bullion banksters…and add to the value of THEIR SHARE HOLDERS…..which is way over due….If you are not part of the solution…then YOU are the problem….imho

  • Ed_B

    Asian demand for gold and silver is heavy. Why do the miners not sell their products directly to Asian companies for sale and distribution there instead of to the bullion banksters here? Seems to me that they could make a cost-plus agreement that would benefit both the miners and their Asian customers, rather than continuing to be looted by the bullion banksters. Is this a case of financial inertia or what?

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