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ADL Targets Trump: Saying “America First” is Anti-Semitic

by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars:

According to the Anti-Defamation League, Trump needs to stop using the phrase “America First” because it’s “anti-Semitic.”

The ADL press release shared yesterday urged Trump “to reconsider his use of the phrase ‘America First’,” saying it was used by so-called anti-Semites “seeking to keep the nation out of World War II.”

“The most noteworthy leader of the ‘America First Committee’ was Charles Lindbergh,” the ADL said, “who sympathized with the Nazis and whose rhetoric was characterized by anti-Semitism and offensive stereotypes.”

Incidentally, the hysterical Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake we reported on yesterdaytook almost the exact same angle in his column, saying Trump using the term “America First” was reminiscent of the “Nazi era.”


ADL Urges Donald Trump to Reconsider “America First” in Foreign Policy Approach

New York, NY, April 28, 2016 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today urged presidential candidate Donald Trump to reconsider his use of the phrase “America First” as a slogan describing his approach to foreign affairs, citing its anti-Semitic use in the months before Pearl Harbor by a group of prominent Americans seeking to keep the nation out of World War II.

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11 comments to ADL Targets Trump: Saying “America First” is Anti-Semitic

  • anon

    “ADL Targets Trump: Saying “America First” is Anti-Semitic”?

    Is ANYONE surprised?

    • anon

      For a better understanding of how this claim of “Anti-Semitism” works to silence all critics of “Jews” (Ashkenazi-KHAZARS) and therefore of Western International Central Bankers, watch this:

      DEFAMATION, a film, by Yoav Shamir

      Source: X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

      (Be sure to read ALL comments, click on ALL links, and read/view/listen to ALL content)

      • SGT

        Hey guys here’s the GOOD news, whereas AIPAC, the ADL and the SPLC used to have a chilling effect on those who would dare speak truth – F#CK em now. They have been thoroughly revealed for what they are – and their black magic bullsh#t isn’t working any more. At all. There has been an awakening, globally. The Zionist entity has been exposed, and they will soon pay for their crimes against humanity, I can feel it in my bones.

        • Eric

          Getting closer for sure.

          “The fact that US President Obama has decided to release at least the Saudi part of the 28 classified pages of the 911 report makes it clear the US has decided to part ways with that regime. The FBI and the Pentagon are also planning to make sure everybody in the world hears about the Israeli “art students” found dancing for joy while filming the 911 destruction, making it clear Israel too had a big part in that mass murder incident.”

        • Silver Shield


          Please understand this is all an act. There is no one coming to save the day. Trump is totally bought and paid for and is only playing his part in the Hegelian Dialectic.

          And this Jew vs Trump meme is laughable.

          Trump was the only candidate to actually endorse Benajmin Netanyahu when he was about to lose his reelection.
          Trump wants to take the oil for the US “to the victors go the spoils” which is even more bold than Dick Cheney fighting in the shadows.
          Trump and Clintons kids are BOTH married to Jews, with convicted felon billionaire father in laws.
          Trumps daughter converted to Judaism.
          Trump said he is the best friend of Israel.
          Trump said he only trusts people wearing yarmalukes counting his money.

          I could go on but I assure you and all of the other alternative media that is supporting Trump that you all will regret that you got played.

          They even have a subplot in this seasons house of cards about how to manipulate segments of voters by knowing what voters want to hear.

          For God sakes he played his part in a WWE wrestling match and shaved off Vince McMahons hair!

          Don’t you think it is weird that a guy with a forty year record like Ron Paul cannot get infront of a camera during his run and Trump gets ALL of the MSM media?

          Or how Trump just sends a few tweets about guns or anti war and now some how he is the moral equivalent of Gandhi?

          I said all of this back in August….

        • Silver Shield

          You want a real man that speaks truth to Zionism?

          check out Ken Okeefe in Toronto vs the JDL thugs.

          About 5 minutes in…

        • anon

          SGT (Sean) you said: “The Zionist entity has been exposed, and they will soon pay for their crimes against humanity…”

          I truly hope you are right.

    • Eric

      America has the second highest core jewish population and the highest enlarged jewish population of all countries in the world. They must have their facts mixed up.

      I think Israel is just worried they won’t get 5 billion dollars in foreign aid and will have to fight their own wars from now on.

  • Eric

    Report: Germany considering stopping ‘unconditional support’ of Israel,7340,L-4797661,00.html

  • tomche

    No room for the GOY to do anything without Jewry…

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    America First, Israel Last.

    Don’t Toy with the Goy.

    Goy Power = Joo Sour.

    Fiat Jews, Golden Goys.

    McFiat Fries or Silver Salad. (Make YOUR choice for a Heart Healthy Economy.)

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