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A Guide to Hiding Your Billions

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

Are you a billionaire (or trillionaire) looking to keep your money safely offshore? Hoping to avoid the embarrassment of having your secret stash uncovered by suspicious leaks from Panamanian law firms?

Looking to use the unimaginable riches of your misbegotten fortune secure for what it’s really for: buying influence, committing crime with impunity and advancing your plans for global domination?

Then look no further! The small fries that got caught out by the Panama Papers were bungling amateurs compared to the real criminal masterminds. The type that turn to Mossack Fonseca to hide their shady dealings just aren’t thinking big and bold enough. After all, the best crime is one you don’t even have to hide.

The first thing you’ll have to do is to start a philanthropic foundation with your family name on the door. Don’t worry about that “philanthropy” bit, that’s just the cover for you to further your business interests and get the press and the public on your side.

Like the Clintons. Oh, you thought the Clinton Foundation was all about helping the world’s poor and downtrodden? Only if you count mega-banks, oiligarchs, foreign governments and politically-connected billionaires as “poor and downtrodden”–which, to be fair, Hillary probably does.

As Brandon Turbeville pointed out months ago:

“Much has been made of the questionable actions and connections held by Clinton’s foundation enterprise over the last year.[1] Many allegations have been made but what is entirely undebatable is the fact that the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation works closely with Wall Street banks and is also heavily funded by them.

“[…]Aside from its known donations from Wall Street, however, the Clinton Foundation – during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State – was a documented and undoubtable national security risk. This is because of the money – much of it hidden – was being received by not only industrial, banking, and corporate interests but also by foreign governments at a time when the executor of that foundation had an open door of communication with the US Secretary of State. In this instance, that open door of communication was no less than the husband of the Secretary of State. In other words, the Foundation likely served as a conduit for funds provided by foreign governments that would have seen the Secretary of State directly benefit financially from those donations.”

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