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A Forgotten Continent: The Hidden Truths of Africa

from Zen Gardner:

“The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it.” – George Kimble

What does the world really know about Africa? In the West, if you were to turn on the T.V., you would be hard pressed to find any news coverage regarding Africa other than starving children, political chaos, and exotic wild life. Despite being the second largest continent with a population of almost a billion people, Africa is usually relegated down to the bottom of the barrel when it comes to social and geopolitical importance on the international stage. What is perplexing though, is how Africa can be the most resource rich continent on the planet, yet also be the poorest continent on the planet. In reality, Africa should be prospering, and the envy of the rest of the world. Something isn’t adding up and its time people started to figure out why.


The narrative concocted by the media in the West is that Africa’s continued third world status is largely a product of its own creation, whether that be because of political corruption, ethnic conflict, poverty, or a complete lack of education. The narrative goes even deeper by implanting a belief system in people that Africa is this primitive continent with an unsophisticated culture compared to the rest of the world. This feeds into the idea that it is the moral duty of the philanthropic souls in the Western world to intervene and bring this better, more “civilized” culture to the people of Africa. It would be naïve at this point to think that the major powers of the world view Africa as any type of equal able to compete on the same playing field as them, both intellectually and culturally. It’s always the West, which is portrayed as the superior society in virtually all aspects of life.

Despite the misguided belief systems that persist, it’s time for all that to change. Often overlooked by the alternative media, Africa is very much an important thread of knowledge in the global conscious awakening happening all over the world. With the world becoming increasingly interconnected like never before, it’s vital, to both African success and global peace, that people of the world come to understand the root problems in Africa’s struggle to develop. What people will soon find out is that the problems of Africa are highly interrelated to the very same problems prevalent all over the world. In fact, most people of the world have the very same enemies preying upon them, making it all the more crucial that they awaken to this realization and come together as a united front. In many ways, changing Africa goes a long way in changing the entire world.

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