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Suits, Costumes and the Mask of Uniformity

from Zen Gardner:

What’s been pre-programmed into the human psyche seeks affirmation. That’s the nature of the game we’ve been dropped into. Waking up to that reality takes some guts and determination but it’s happening on a massive scale despite the truth blockade and deliberate media and geopolitical insanity.

It’s hard to believe humanity falls for this uniform code stuff. Whether it’s dress codes, bar codes, speech codes or computer codes, it’s designed to dehumanize and forcefully structure our natural being into something mechanistic and clearly unnatural.

Just the word uniform is a dead giveaway: “Not changing in form or character; remaining the same in all cases and at all times.” Suits is another. What “suits” you, playing cards come in “suits”, “suit” yourself, you’re well “suited” for the job, etc. There’s a world to explore there.

All this appeals to our left brain and rational reasoning side as far as practically organizing things, but completely muffles our imaginative and creative side. That’s largely how all this works. Sacrifice creative life to promote a determined, controllable outcome in order to survive and thrive in a deliberately hostile environment.

That just happens to be the world we live in. We apparently have some sort of self-appointed “super” race of whatever origin designing the society we live in. Or so we’re led to believe. The program from whatever origin is sure in place. And we’re supposed to just fall in line with it without asking obvious questions.

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