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Zika PAYDAY! Obama wants to funnel $1.8 billion for vaccine research and more

by S.D. Wells, Natural News:

Until 2016, Zika wasn’t taken very seriously by American authorities. The relaxed attitude suggested that it was just another mundane disease in third-world countries. This much was clear from the CDC’s attitude and lack of recommendations regarding the virus. Soon enough, however, a concerning percentage of pregnant women that contracted the virus gave birth to children suffering from birth malformations. Even though Zika was not fatal, there seemed to be a link between the virus and congenital disorders.

A few months later, Zika didn’t go away. In fact, it came closer. As of February 17, there were 82 documented cases of Zika infection throughout the U.S. according to official figures. The number of infections went up and so did birth malformations.

It didn’t take long for representatives of the people to rally themselves and take action, so all of the 46 Democrats in the Senate addressed an letter to the White House demanding an “urgent and aggressive response” against the virus. No less than a week later, the administration proposed a $1.8 billion emergency fund from the Congress to fight off the infection spreading through the United States.

What we know about the virus

Zika appeared around the 1950s in the African country Uganda. The estimated incubation time of the virus is a few days, and symptoms often overlap that of dengue fever: high temperature, rashes, joint and muscle pain, headaches and malaise. While it is treatable, a relatively small percentage of people develop other conditions that are even more concerning. One of them is the Guillain–Barre syndrome, a particularly rare neurological disorder that can paralyze an individual for weeks on end.

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