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You Can See it, Feel It, Sense It: Catastrophic Implosion Inevitable

by AGXIIK, Silver Doctors:

The damage in the interim is catastrophic. It will produce an IMPLOSION EXPLOSION event. Like a supernova that results when a star runs out of fuel and collapses in on itself, this near infinite quantity of paper printed is does not act as fuel. It does nothing. It’s a drain and drag on the system. And its Implosion is inevitable.

You can see it, feel it, sense it. The price break higher is coming closer as all the other experiments and attempts to control the system fail by the numbers.

We’ve agonized endlessly as to why gold is down 45% from its April 2011 high and silver’s dropped 70% plus from its high.

We know these metal prices are rigged, yet despite constant rhetoric about supply issues, the consumption of silver at its total annual production and gold being bought at a rate 100% greater than it’s annual production, the prices have fallen continually.

Why is that?

We have little inflation in commodities. Yes, inflation hits where it hurts in food, rent and medical care, but the essential inflation sought by central banks is not there. They’re desperate for inflation and sufficiently frightened of this deflationary calamity to dive into Negative Interest Rates (NIRP) after nearly a decade of Zero Interest Rates (ZIRP) ZIRP is so last year. NIRP is the new paradigm that’s afflicted nearly half of all bonds and bank accounts. NIRP is the inevitable conclusion of a system that’s gone mad.

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